A delicious confectionery delight of a dessert can exceed the bonds of human friendship! A dessert makes a superb gift. A dessert can sooth pain and fill the empty void in one's heart with the sweet wonders of cakes, puddings and pies. People would bring them to exquisite parties to not only demonstrate creative culinary skills, but to use as a perfect ice breaker. Discussions to fill awkward silences have been diminished by the simplest thing as a bowl of ice cream.

Even battles consisting of baking have also been conducted in media to see who could create the greatest confection. Though in the world of desserts there is no baked treat greater or more expensive than the Constuit.

The most expensive of all desserts ever to be created.The Constuit consisted of a silver blended gelatin baked with the rich gooey texture that could only be found by the greatest French baked pecan pies, with a flour substitute made from sweetened caviar, sprinkled with shell gold, the only edible form of gold known, and fried over with butter, blended with hazelnut crème.

This thick crusted cake was created in the shape that honors the long lost American state known as New York, capital of Italian desserts in America, more so than what was once Italy.This edible diamond coated good was to be eaten by the royal family but first had a day's display in the hall of great confections. That is before it was stolen!

Before the Constuit went missing it was ordered by the governor of the new found state New Connecticut. It was located where MA used to be, until it was parted into several new states. Governor Stekable was a connoisseur of baked goods. He was a true nostalgic. He had the Constuit made and shipped to him from Old France. It was in his possession and even left on display in the ballroom of his estate, when it was lost.

Learning of this news the governor had panicked. The Constuit cost too much to spend on another. A year's salary for any straight shooting republican, which governor Stekable was not! It was meant as a peace offering, in order to settle negotiations of an endless war that had devastated the east coast.

"This is atrocious!" The corrupt man's voice thundered through the great hall of his giant mansion. His personal staff of butler's and maids cringed at the howl. His administration and even his family crowded into hall. He was shaken up by it so much he rose to his feet, hands smashing into the wine table by his throne. (Government officials reverted back to using thrones.)

"What kind of country are we living in when we are robbed within our own house!" His words stung with irony.

"Surely it did not happen here…" His wife had spoke with a mousy voice devoid of true emotion, which had been lost after the first decade of their droll marriage. Her own dress was that of a house wife who would cook and clean daily. No she was not his slave, these were her passions and a missing dessert really did not arouse her attention as she was knitting a new draping for the window.

"It was here, look for yourself!" With the click of a desk button, the back wall behind Stekable was revealed to be a screen with a hologram projection of the ballroom, the Constuit on display.

The recording was the night of the theft. The scene was quiet enough until the hologram rippled and a dark figure entered the room. The timing was displayed on the side of the hologram as a non-3D digit. The hologram became very coarse and soon it was completely off. Then when it turned back on the ballroom was as peaceful as before minus one Constuit. Oddly enough none of the security apparatuses activated.

"5:02 in the AM." Paul one of Stekable's campaign admins stated. He had a long snide mustache and greased back black hair. His outfit that of a 1960's mobster, holding his derby in his hand.

Stekable looked down as if somebody had been murdered. "518,000,000 dollars gone…"

"Hold on, that was a week ago!" A young butler pointed out. His name was Melvin, he had a clean face, trimmed and tidied to the expectation of any snoot.

"How would you know that!?" The governor yelled with an accusation judging howl.
Melvin's voice broke and he stuttered an explanation. "There were many police officials here last Saturday morning." He stated.

"Aye, you being here too?!" The head maid, who was of Scottish ancestry and a bit on the chubby side also accused.

"I'm the morning servant, of course I was here, Ms. MacAmere!" He looked to her madly. "You too were here, as I recall…" He mentioned about how she was in the preparations room and since she was the head maid, there would be no reason for her to be in on a Saturday at such an early time, in there.

"Well boy-" She began to explain.

"Silence!" Stekable demanded. "Until you all have an alibi, I want you to wait outside, coming to me with your stories one by one!"

Everybody was herded out of the room. Stekable began doing interviews. There was a young maid Simone, she was French and brought him his morning coffee. Seeing how she was there he decided to interview her as well as Ms. MacAmamere. The questions to the young girl kept getting interrupted by the overbearing Ms. MacAmere, as if she was trying to intervene.

"Dammit MacAmere, out!" He sighed reaching for his coffee. The outraged Scot began stomping out, but before she could reach the door Stekable had started to choke. He fell over dead on the table.

"My lord!" Ms. MacAmere ran to him. She felt his pulse, trying to resuscitate him, but there was nothing. She pressed the alarm button on his desk, for the hospital and the police.

When the cops stormed in Ms. MacAmere pointed to Simone accusing. "Arrest this woman!" she demanded.

Simone squealed breathlessly as the cops pounded her, forcing her face to kiss wall, handcuffing her hands behind her back, justice would be served...