entry 2
September 18th, 2000
you will be given a sign for when the lord gives, and takes away...

Somehow Mathias had fallen asleep longer than the night, a few hours longer than the night. When Mathias's eyes opened, he noticed that the kitten, who he named, Skitt,
had left, probably because he had woken before him. groaning, he yawned and sat up.

wow what a sleep, god I feel like I was hit by a bus..

Yawning again, he pulled out his mirror from his bag and looked at his reflection, and he even admitted that not only did he feel like he was hit by a bus, but he was also looking like he went one-on-one with a washing machine, topped with the dryer.
His hair was tussled, and his clothes were ruffled beyond belief.

"god, I need some major salon help A.S.A.P, damn"

The thought came after he gave his own deep emerald green-eyed reflection the evil-eye. Picking up and pulling his full pack over to where he was, he groaned as his belongings felt like they weighed a ton with his weak morning muscles.
As he unzipped the lower part, he pulled out a hairbrush, and, upon dousing it with water from his water bottle, he picked it up and stroked his long black loch downwards, removing the tangles, and snags, which made him wince when they snagged.

Damn it -ouch- I -ugh- hate my -argh- HAIR!!! grr....

As he finished putting his products away, he crawled out of his unorthodox "tent",
and looked about, not quite noticing his surroundings until now, considering how tired he was, he wasn't surprised he made "base" in a park.

Curious as to how I didn't feel nor notice that Skitt left my side. Hopefully he's OK, I'm sure I'll see him again

upon unhooking his tree "spikes" from the the holes he created with a knife he snagged, and pulled it off, slipping it onto his back, not feeling very confident that his bag wasn't gonna break from all his belongings fitting inside his bag, and the cloak could very well be the straw that broke the camel's back. As it flew around his shoulders, he clasped it and headed towards the center of the park, the scent of fresh air made him gag, not because of the fresh air, but because he couldn't smell over himself.

I dont know how much spray I have left, I'll have to be careful what I'm able to get, and where I go...I'm pretty sure the authorities will be on my tail soon enough...

Slipping on his double chain bracelets, he headed in the direction of town, by then it
was about 10:00, considering he woke up at about 8:30am, which that could even be wrong, he pretty much wasn't surprised that he had burned half the day away.

As he walked into the city, he couldn't help but feel like he hadn't been eating right, and sure enough, the scent sure agreed with him; The downtown literally had the scent of the city, from chicken to fish to pasta to chinese to burgers and beef, the scent of food was in the air, but what could he do? he didn't have any money!!. SIghing, he walked through the city, tired of not having money, but at the same time, glad he didn't have money.

damn it all, now I feel like Skitt had it good, because at least HE could hunt for his food...damn it,

With his stomach getting harder and harder to ignore, The young "prince" walked towards a grocery store, not sure exactly WHAT he was gonna do, besides grumble that he was hungry.
Upon walking up to the grocery store building, he couldn't help but feel a little scared,guilty and intimidated; he WAS after all gonna have to steal to get food for himself. Hopefully he would be sly enough to get out without being seen which will be embarrassing WHEN and IF he gets caught by the authorities, then again if he gets caught, then there will more than just food he'd go down for.
Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he slid his hood up on the cloak he bought,
and took a few steps up to the opening. Sure enough the door opened automatically and realized that if he didn't do it right there and then, he wouldn't be able to again, he stepped into the store, not sure what was to happen.
As he slipped through the door, if he didn't get hungry outside, then it sure as hell got worst when he went inside. From the scents of food from "samples", to the look of the food that he couldn't help but get him worst, he now felt even stupider for walking into the store, and feeling even more guilty than before.

Look..if you dont get food now, then you will be hungrier later on, you really think you can survive on beef jerky? and whatever you can find? if you want to "last on the street" then you better get some meat on your bones, or else you wont last long enough to see those dreams come true...

but seriously? what if I get caught? I mean for the love of god, the amount of stuff I have in my bag? you know I didn't buy any of it well except the cloak..which was luck!!!

As he was having an inner conflict with himself, the young blood was already surveying the meat department, being very much aware of the cameras, and where
the people were. As his stomach started to grumble more and more, he looked over at the already pre-cooked chicken fingers, and and pre-cooked teriyaki chicken pieces.
As he surveyed the likes of them, he couldn't help but feel more and more hungry.

damn it they're both so deliciously looking...which ones better?
which ones smaller, and easier to run with and carry? and that will fit in your bag?

Eventually him and his own rational thought settled on a pack of imitation shrimp, and chicken pieces in a bag.
Now that he settled on it, what was he supposed to do? hide it?

yeah that would work, could there be anything more obvious that a five-finger discount in an open area? nice one dumbshit pull that I DARE you, you'll be caught so fast it will make your head spin!!

The young emerald eyed orphan at first was gonna attempt to swing a "fast one" but then stopped, even he knew that that was a bad idea, the least he could was be smart about it.
taking the two packages, he slowly, and deliberately walked through the aisle, hoping to get another strike of luck.
The more steps he took, the more his self-esteem sank.
As he was gently walking towards the end of the line, he noticed a cute petite black haired girl with silver streaks peeking at him.
She seemed a little older than sixteen, but that didn't do anything to change the fact that she was quite beautiful, in fact the fact that she was a little older, actually extended her beauty.
With his mind elsewhere, mostly on how he was gonna get his food out without paying, he didn't see her noticing him, even as he passed her, and heading towards the self-check stand.
As he was pretty much next, he could feel his desperation grow.
what the hell was he to do?
The least he should do is SEEM like he was gonna pay for it.
As he slid both the items he wanted over the beeping, his heart seemed to break alittle each time that the check stand showed a price for the food that he wanted, but didn't have.
As he heard the final beep on the machine, he was about to grab the packages and run, when suddenly the sound of a screaming banshee echoed from his machine and the screen flashed white, and crimson red with the word "ERROR."
His deep orb eyes the color of a lush shiny emerald suddenly widened, and slammed shut...

Damn, I haven't done anything yet!!!! He screamed in his head as he winced, and put his hands over his ears.
As the sound radiated throughout his brain, he couldn't help but argue with himself.

are you hearing this? this is YOUR fault!! I should have booked it in the first place. If I go deaf, I'm blaming you!!

As suddenly as the splitting sound started, it ended.
As it died, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and his eyes opened, silence...sweeet silence.

"I'm sorry sir, this machine does that sometimes, I fixed it now were you gonna buy these?"

Out of the frying pan and into the fire is definitely the theme for the day today alright rational thought now what?

He thought, feeling himself start to go hot from stress. Situations like these called for what action? Did he get into a fight? did he run? lie?

The more thoughts flew through his head, the more he realized that he was in trouble.
The one who spoke to him was a blonde haired lady alittle taller than him.
She wasn't muscular, but the sense that he was getting was that she could tower over him if he attempted to do anything, that and the fact that she was blocking the side with the exit.
As He decided to say ******** it and was about to just pop the girl, and book it ANYWAY with the food, A tap on his shoulder caused him to look behind him. As he turned around, his deep emerald gaze peered into a pair of deep amethyst colored eyes looking at him innocently, belonging to the silver-streaked, black-haired beauty
that checked him out before.

"I'm sorry bud, but you dropped this"

Opening her left fingerless gloved hand, was a ten-dollar bill.
She blushed healthily, and smiled at him as her deep eyes closed.

"But that's not mine.."

"I know it is, I saw you drop it coming over here, no wonder you were freaking out over here"

She giggled and put the money in the palm of his hand before he could say anything.

"But I-"

"I would like to talk more but I think we're taking up this workers time, besides I'm with my mom, so I'll hopefully talk to you later bye"

Turning away from him, she turned and headed around the corner and vanished out of sight.
As he stood there, contemplating, a clear of a throat made him turn towards his left, and sure enough, he realized he was holding up a line.

"I don't mean to be rude sir, but your holding up the line. Please buy your things so the line and continue"

The woman sounded impatient, as did the taps, and grumbles from the customers behind him.
As he silently shrugged, he opened his hands to make sure he wasn't tripping and sure enough there was a ten-dollar bill in his hand and a small folded sticky-note that read.

"I'm Alisa Cathleen Lexus, nice to meet you, if you need anything don't hesitate to get a hold of me"

As he read it, he noticed a phone number underneath the note;


As he slipped the money into the register, the screen turned a positive green, and wished him a happy goodbye with a sound of metal as two dollars in change come out, along with a five-dollar bill.

As he grabbed his "leftover spoils" he turned with his money, and and food and walked out of the store.
As he stopped outside the door with his food, and new money bills, his rational thought perked up again.

To answer your question about what to do next, you pack up the food in your bag, and go find a place to have dinner....

Looking up at the sun as it started to go down over the mountain, he scoffed at his own rational thoughts smart-alec remark.

"Now you speak, smart alec!!

As he walked back out through the city from where he came from, he headed towards the same park,hopefully to see Skitt. As the light in the sky streamed twilight everywhere, and it started to get cold, his mind started to travel.
Time started to flow and run together.
As he headed towards the park, he heard something that made him jump, a loud shrill scream that sounded like a mini siren.
As he turned towards where the sound was as he headed into the park, he saw a lumped up form on the side.
Walking towards the shape, he saw the collected colors silver, and black.
A strike of lightning shook him to the core at his base.

It couldn't be...no...please don't let this be true...

At first, the sight made him feel empty, like he was dreaming.
It was a nightmare, the eyes were what hurt him the most.
From the tip of it's tail, to the eyes, The young orphan crashed onto his knees, and looked up at the sky. It wasn't true. it was a cruel joke. Why? why was it like this? he knew he had bad luck, but why would it honestly hit this hard, and this fast?
and in the cruelest way? At first, images passed him by as he looked up.
Then suddenly, A very low very very pain filled mew filled his ears, and cracked his heart.
As tears were starting to gather, he gasped and looked down at Skitt, the kitten he had befriended last night. It was not moving very much, barely at at.. But it was breathing, barely breathing.
What had happened? He didn't know what to do.
Looking about at the frail animal in front of him, trying to get back up, trying to breath, trying to make his little heart beat more.

what are you doing? Help your buddy!!! it trusted you, it loved you!!! are you just gonna let him die? ******** DO SOMETHING!!!!

I dont know what to do? I can't do anything!! there's no one in the park right now..and furthermore if I did, if I moved him, he would break even more, and be in even more pain!! I can't do anything!!!

YOU ARE A COWARD!!! are you really gonna sit there spineless and let your animal die? !!!

As he sat on his knees, and looked up at the sky, tears began to drip from his eyes.
looking at the animal as it breathed slowly, and huffed.
As he lifted the now terminally damaged animal, he held Skitt in his arms, and sniffed, feeling the life leave the animal , with one last lift of the animal's chest, it went still, now no longer of the living.
As he did his best not peek at the animal's lifeless eyes, he set the animal down as it started to rain once again, just like the night that he met the baby kitten.
As he clenched his fist, he swallowed his pride, and breathed before putting his hands crossed over the animal, and felt the energy flow through his arms, saying a small prayer for the kitten in latin after wiping away the few tears that he clenched and did not want to fall;

" In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti( In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit.)

"Death and Love are the two wings that bear the good man to heaven"