entry 1
Sunday sept. 17, 2000
Mathias meets a friend

the ground is wet from the tears of the gods in valhalla above why they are crying I dont know I just hope its not for me...

The thought came from a deep electric green eyed,black long haired boy as he was hearing the Tap Tap Tap of rain against the unorthodox roof over him that he had draped over a low hanging tree made from a pancho that he had bought with a 10.00 bill, he had found on the ground that he had turned into a tent. A lucky break, he thought at the time, because as he had finished tucking it together, he realized that it had started to rain, and this is where you came in.
The boy's name was Mathias, he's 15 years of age, and sad to say that despite his powerful name, he was in fact homeless, and had very little connection to royalty, but unlike most of the orphans in Denmark his age, he did not cry, he did not curse, and he did not throw a tantrum, or even have an attitude for that matter why? he couldn't help he had bad luck, it was all he knew, and he always tried to make it work for him, with hope that one day things will get better. He looked about underneath, watching the ground grow wet, and with it life flourished.
As suddenly as a flash of lightning crack, did a stray kitten run over and hide underneath a tree, and start to cry.
It was black down it's back, and silver underneath, couldn't have been a little more than a few months old. It obviously was an inside cat because it just sat there,
afraid to get wet.
Mathias sighed, feeling for the kitten, because he knew what it was like to not belong.
Getting up, he went into his backpack, and pulled out a small piece of beef jerky he had luckily been able to snag.
Ripping it open, he pulled out a huge junk, and cursed as he realized that if he fed it to the kitten, it would probably take forever to chew, and probably choke on it.
Pulling it apart, he cut a large piece into a two halves, and as he took a bite out of one of them, he gently crawled out from underneath the tree, and walked forward towards the kitten, with a piece of food.
As he crawled on his knees into wet dirt that did not technically get wet enough to get turned into mud, he crawled gently towards the kitten, careful to not scare it.
As he swallowed the piece of meat he had been chewing on himself, he got close to the kitten where it looked up, and as it caught eyes with Mathias, it took a step towards stage left, but a single frozen hand from mathias made it hesitate, surely it would have been able to just take off, but Mathias did not want to do anything more than to feed it, and maybe pet it to make it stop crying.
The kitten's eyes was much like his own an emerald forest green against the morning light, and as it watched
Mathias, it's head seemed to c**k to the side as if deciding.

"I just...want you not to cry, here.."

opening his hand to reveal the sweet scented piece of meat, he held it out just far enough towards the kitten so the scent would move towards it, and sure enough it caught the kitten's attention as it's face perked to life, ears, eyes, tongue, it was hungry, probably hadn't been able to eat anything that it hadn't been able to catch, and meat moved FAST.
The kitten walked gently towards it, and Mathias waited, a small smile crossing over it's face as it waited patiently for the kitten.
It moved step-by-step, obviously alert of danger should Mathias do something suspicious, it would be a small example of a cheetah, gone in a flash.
As it silently made it's way to it's hand, Mathias felt his knees begin to burn from the pressure against the ground.
It slowly made it's way to his hand, and as it licked it's tiny lips, and lowered it's tiny head to Mathias's hand, it took a single lick of the meat, and took a small bite, and started to chew right there, it gnawed at it at first, and mathias felt victorious.
As he wrapped his arm around the animal, and lifted it, the animal moved with him, obviously either too preoccupied chewing on the meat, or feeling like there was no threat.
Walking back to his roof, he sat down gently, and let the baby animal get dry.
As it's tail seemed to flow back and forth, Mathias couldn't help but feel like he connected with the animal.

I guess this makes me a stray also I guess this means me and you are alike...

The thought came as it was still gently chewing and gnawing on the what seemed like a large piece of meat to it's standpoint, but was a medium piece ot mathias.
As it was chewing on the meat, Mathias was giving it all the attention the kitty wanted, from scratching it behind the ears to petting, and stroking it's furry side, the kitty was very much being given special treatment from his new found friend.

gently lowering his head, Mathias kissed the kitten, and watched as the small animal was enjoying itself probably for the first time since it's birth.

"I don't know if you feel comfortable but would you like to keep me company? I don't really have anyone either..."

The kitten gave a small mew, and as it finished the meat, it couldn't help but lower it's head, and as it's eyes began to grow heavy, the deep blue round florescent orbs closed, and even as Mathias was giving the kitty tickles, and pets, the kitten began to purr as they both layed back, and began to snooze, both Mathias, and the kitten.
At this point it had gotten late.

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well"
-Virgina woolf