In the year 2185, in a time when lasers are old school tech and space ships venture far and beyond our solar system using faster-than-light travel, where we have colonized the moon a hundred years ago, and colonized mars ten years after that, humanity discovered that we weren’t alone in the universe. There are few things that humanity hasn’t conquered. Humanity has conquered the disease which rots; a disease called cancer. Perfect humans are crafted through artificial insemination, and we have even begun to chip away at the great stone pillar of knowledge. But what humans don’t understand is that with more knowledge come even more questions. In our quest to know all and to see all, humanity has ventured far out to find new alien life. To find creatures that are our equal in intelligence and understanding instead of some backwater parasites found deep in the ground.

We ventured deep into the darkest depths of space, using our finest technology and mapping our routs of the constantly expanding universe. We were pilgrims searching for a new world, not out of freedom, but out of our need to know more and more about everything around us. Eventually, humanity came upon a world dubbed Wraith. The planet of Wraith was cold, barren, huge frozen desserts stretched across its pale body. Huge mountains sketched themselves on the horizon. Great oceans of poison green water surrounded the frozen continents. It was here, in the most inhospitable land, that humanity discovered alien life.

It is unsure what happened to the first colony ship, The Atlanta, which landed on Wraith; it’s only known that the ship sent out one final frequency before disappearing forever. Fearing the worst, Earth sent a fleet of starships, armed with twenty legions of marines, to investigate the disappearance.

Fleet, the governing body of Earth’s military, sent the legions down to investigate the Atlanta’s disappearance and discovered the skeleton of the massive colony ship. There were no bodies. No blood. The ship was scrubbed clean of any semblance of human life.

Soon after making the discovery, the alien species revealed itself. The species was dubbed the Tractus Venandi by scientists. The name translates to Space Hunter. The aliens were a combination of a mantis and ant, with the bladed arms and head of a mantis and the body and pincers of an ant. The unprepared ground forces that came upon the Tractus were decimated by their massive numbers and almost psychotic rage. The massacre of the ground forces was dubbed “First Contact” by Fleet.

Immediately all effort went towards the war with the Tractus, who managed to keep up with their own supply of technology. The Tractus quickly developed a barbaric form of space travel, mimicking their invaders by sending huge ships out to random planets and colonizing them. The Tractus built awesome hives, where a queen would produce millions of warriors in as little as 12 months.

Fleet created specialized suits for their ground forces turning them into walking tanks. Each class got their own specialized armor. Each suit was made out of plassteel; a new invention that mixed plastics flexibility with the strength of steel. Every suit ran on sub-nuclear cells that could survive up to thirty days of constant use.

However Fleet has begun funding, researching, and creating more and more controversial technology. The war with the Tractus has given them all the excuses they would ever need. In the years since the Human-Tractus war began, they’ve created new diseases that were to be used on the Tractus, new addictive drugs to use on their soldiers, and finally, the creation of Gifts.

Gifts were Fleets’ attempt at playing God; they were abilities that could grant the user the ability to harness the powers of nature. Though they are only in Phase I of 3, Gifts had been secretly given to random soldiers on the battlefields to test their effectiveness. Unfortunately, the Gifts had many side effects, such as insomnia, depression, suicidal tendencies, homicidal rages, and development of many more mental illnesses. Those who are Gifted are also cursed.

The war is in its fiftieth year and still it rages strong in the cosmos.

Could the Gifts and the Gifted lead to the end of the great war; or has Fleet doomed itself by crafting super-human bombs?

List of Planets Close to Wraith
Cella (Tractus Controlled)
Caminus (Tractus Controlled)
New Earth

More to Be Discovered