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The year is 2844, in an era where space ships are common, where traveling vast distances of space are no longer seen as a mighty leap forward for the human race.

The military is strong and vast, a massive conglomerate of the many nations that sit upon the Earth's face. With heavy powered armor, mighty weapons that were only imagined in sci-fi novels, and a thousand ships ready to go ahead and meet any aggressor.

Earth is out of resources.

It has been for a long time. Her face is covered in red scars, the trees that emitted oxygen have been replace by massive machines with the words "Sombra Corp" spread across their faces. Humankind tried planet-cracking, as it was called, to gather resources from the stars, but soon enough the planets, Mars, Venus, and Mercury were drained of their usefulness.

Then, suddenly, a mighty star ship emerged in Earth space. The ship sent out a signal in the English language, stating that they were friendly and meant no harm. Believing that we'd just made First Contact with an intelligent alien species, we opened our doors to their star ship and allowed her to set down on the continent of Europe.

Disease spread quickly.

A massive sickness overtook those living close to the star ship, then spread with the air across Asia and Africa, spreading as far as Canada before a vaccine was created to combat the deadly disease.

The military reacted quickly, sending hordes of soldiers into the fray to destroy anything that wasn't human. We destroyed their ships, we cut them off from their home world, and we killed every last one of them.

Before long we learned just where they had come from. Sombra Corp commissioned the invention of a PowerDrive system that would permit star ships to travel vast distances without any adverse effects.

After the ships were retrofitted with the new PowerDrivers, another company offered to improve upon the power armor for the military.
SigmaCorp developed advanced power armor for all military personnel.
And soon after that, Imperial Construction created two more heavy cruisers for the Earth military.

Vast amounts of civilians joined the military, were trained in 9 months, and were assigned a star ship. The military received over 2 million recruits after only a week of First Contact. Because of this huge influx of greenies we're expecting a higher casualty rate than normal if only because they haven't had time to get experience. The armor will protect them, but their stupidity will kill them.

The planet is called Hermes. It's face is covered in dense jungles, arid deserts, and frozen tundras that run all along its face. There is only a single ocean surrounding a continent that consumes half of the planet. You've all seen images of the planet on the holo-screens and on your data pads. We know where they sleep, where they eat, and where they work.

The human fleet is about to exit hyperspace and land on the planet to bring fire and brimstone down onto their world. With our advanced weapons and our mighty fleet, we're going to do our best to wipe them off of the face of the universe. Grab your rifle, grab your helmet, and get into your drop ship. We're wiping the ******** out.