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Our Technology


Our technology is plasma and laser based. Plasma weapons deal the most damage, but aren't as accurate. Plasma weapons such as the M19 Plasma Cannon are used by shock troopers or support gunners. They've got high rates of fire and destructive damage. There are smaller and slightly more accurate plasma based weapons such as the Silverstar S21, which has become the standard sidearm for the marine corps.

Laser based weapons are much more accurate but for less damage. They are most popular with snipers, scouts, and rifle companies. Due to their lack of damage, however, they are nearly unheard of in the marine corps/shock trooper squads. Laser weapons like the Blazer Mk II and the Longbow Mk IV are the most popular, with the Longbow being the favored weapon of sniper squads.

Grenades have not changed much than in the 20th century. The explosion has been made bigger, and the heat much more intense. The standard grenade is the Phoenix Bomb.

The Marine Corps are given the heaviest and most protective armor, the Murmillo Mk II. With thick pauldrons and an advanced HUD system installed, it is also capable of carrying 14 grenades. The armor also has the highest malfunction rate with the leg servos failing 25 percent of the time. It also has short operation time as the nuclear power cell only lasts 2 days before needed a recharge.

Standard troopers/Army are given Scorpion Power Armor Mk II. Lighter, more reliable, but with less defense. It is the tried and true basic armor of the military. With a long lasting battery allowing a full 9 days of constant battle, the Scorpion Power Armor has become the symbol for the military. It is capable of carrying 5 grenades and one sidearm.

Scout and Sniper units are given the Hawk Mk IV Scout Suit. The lightest armored suit available. It only allows 2 grenades to be brought along with the unit. However, due to its lightweight the suit allows the unit to run at increased speeds further improved by jump jets located on the boots. An active camouflage ability allows the armor to change color to better fit in with its surroundings. Though this doesn't make it completely invisible. The suit is capable of being active constantly for 15 days.


We posses Armored Assault Carapaces (AAC). It's a mech suit standing 20 feet tall. It's armed with twin assault cannons and a single detachable missile launcher that hangs on its shoulder. It is unable to turn the main body beyond 180 degrees, however, and is susceptible to attack from behind.

We're also in possession of the Vulcan Assault Tank (VAT), Armored Troop Transport (AAT), and Long Range Recon Speeders (LRRS).

The Vulcan Tank is armored with twin heavy cannons and an plasma cannon at the very top to provide better defense. It operates on very basic anti-gravity lifts that allow it to maneuver around smaller obstacles.

The AAT is a light transport ship armored with twin 30mm cannons. It's capable of carrying up to 15 standard troopers and 10 marines.

The LRRS belong to the recon and sniper units, capable of reaching 145 mph, it's light weight and high speed makes it the perfect scout and escape vehicle. It is not armed with any defense weaponry, relying on its maneuverability instead.