its been TOO long since ive written to you, and im sorry for that. ive been busy these past months. classes have been hard and i should be graduating with my transfer degree this quarter. not sure how these next two months will go but wish me luck. the following are tid bits of what i wanted to write to you, but never got to finish. these are out of order since they have no date but i would hope u'd see that they are chronologically in order since the last time ive wrote to you

As u can see below a lot of the text is weirdly placed by time. Ive been writing as I went but havent had time to post till now. Is been a while since ive posted im sure.

Can't Imagine how fast things have been changing- in less than a month I'll b 21. Honestly a bit worried of how my rresponsibilities are going to change. Just recently got a galaxy s4 for free lol. Already been a yr at my job and I've been promoted! I get 13 an hr instead of 10.50. My weight has been dropping and some say I'm turning more of a body builder. Cept w/o the size. More toned I guess?

turning 21 in bout 2 month and honestly scares me.

its funny sometimes- from time to time I see people that remind me of you/ even look like u. It scares me thinking that ud be near me. Since ur post of moving from spokane it makes me wonder as to when u'll show up again.

Its been crazy lately. College has been kicking my a** w/chem calc and physics. Have my liscense but no car since not enough money for one. Been working at my pool now for more than a yr now and im surprised by all the kids that come back saying they like my classes cuz its fun.

You will probably tell that I will repeat myself again and again and the chronology of this letter will be wack, I'll try to keep it 2 date
April 14 - I'm now into my last quarter at bellevue college before I can receive my AA in chemistry! Right now just taking chem and physics and still pretty hard. Barely finished my last quarter of calc chem phys and lemme tell u never get that kind of schedule, it hurts.
Recently I got draged in2 this church group, intervarsity, at college and I've been liking the people so far. I met some of em b4 during reg classes but this is somethin else. Met this one girl, caylee, just cuz she was talkin bout her own chem class and a creeper from it over the phone with her bf(?) And it was interesting how her face lightened up so much from mentioning intervarsity. This might be a fun quarter yet.