im gointg to tell you now that a lot has happened in a very short time. recently ive been a victim of a car accident. pretty much what happened was that i was slowing down for a yellow light on my way to school. as i stoped for the red i heard screaching tires behind me and next thing i knew i was pushed forward. i looked out the window and noticed the other car was heavily damaged and my suv only got its bumber damaged. things with the officer went ok and i had to pay no fines cuz the car was new. tho the other persons paying for my 2400 repairs, a 120 ticket for not having enough car information on her, and idk how much her car repairs on top of everything else is but most likely a lot of money she doesnt have cept her insurance. i believe the repairs went well but wow this was my first accident. honestly i didnt know what to do the whole time. like all i knew was to get her name and contact, her insurance stuff, and then pretty much help the officer as much as i could. i was free to go since my car was fine but her car was towed away. sucks cuz i also knew the girl from back in highschool. its funny that whoever knew her pretty much said that she wasnt that bright and it was something she would do. a bit mean to say but idk if he has a point about that. honestly i hope things go well i mean i know the girl who hit me and, you know, knowing the person just makes it more related to it and prob something i cant explain right.

idk if i told you a whild back but me and my girlfriend was talking about you. i told ehr how i was told by you through ur parents that i was aparently to old for you, tho i doubted. and then earlier this year either january or feb ur dad called me threatened me to stay out of your way. honestly i decided to delete/get rid of anything that would remind me of you- pictures you were in, cruize friends, suviniers from alaska, ur contact information. but honestly nothing worked. sadly enough i still keep coming back to you in my head and wonder how you are doing. and a while back at night when i was about to sleep i thought someone had called my name in the dead of night and i swear i thought it was you. i feel pretty paranoid about this lol. this really scares me- why do i keep thinking of you?. i asked my girlfriend this question and she said that from her perspective it looked like we were good friends that ended abuptly. i really want to believe that you dont honestly hate me for anything or something. i dont know if you remember or not but i remember at the time when i had my own deviantart account and i posted how in the way and a pain i thought i was to the area i was in. you commented pretty much that i was one of the very few people you've met that was legitly a good person that was always nice or somethin. not really sure what it was since i was forced to delete thedocument and my account. but it was proof that you thoguht of me as someone who had great qualities and was a good/great friend even if we had our own schedules to follow. i really miss talking to you like before u use to go to me for advice. i just miss you for some reason- and thats what scares me; idky im missing you but i never forgot about you jonelle

i want to talk to you again; see you again. and it scares me realizing this/hoping for this

- Wtphu