Today wasn't all that productive. Slept in and missed classes. But I gotta redeem my self this following Wednesday. My day mostly consisted of getting a bag I left in a friends dorm, giving that same person a pair of headphones, and organizing my music on windows media player. But did have a very high moment in the beginning of the day that sparked inspiration for some poetry. Which reminds me stare . . . I have to get to writing that today or tomorrow before it slips away from me. Gotta love dreams that give you something to do when you wake up, because some are so weird all they do is make you wonder where your sanity begins and end, or "why did I dream about this person"?, or "aaah!" when they're really scary, or "that felt so real". Despite all those spontaneous feelings this time I received the gift of motivation. The last time got an idea from a dream it was okay, but the down side is I didn't like the idea after I gave it some thought, but this current idea is awesome! mrgreen

Talk to myself and the viewers later! xd

-Fresc (aka DK) cool