Man it sure is a rainy day. Usually I feel the need to sleep in rain, but the real source of my drowsiness is my lack of sleep the other day. I was out and about off campus after just dropping off anything I owned. With that added to going ot to eat me and my the others got back on campus at about 10:50-ISH.
But I hung out for a bit in another dorm and soon enough time slipped away from me and it was 2:00 in the morning -ISH. So I lost some hours and slept on a couch instead of a comfy bed and now here I am typing in my journal while yawning. But I'm just enjoying the fact that I 'm done with all my classes for today. The only major problem I have is the situation with my bedroom. I gotta get my hands on the girl that has my keys and glasses as soon as possible.