Pretty productive day for my personal goals/projects/etc. Not so much progress academically though. I worked on my school work for a good 45 minutes at the most. But hey, I got time to recover from a "chill" say. Did my laundry, got caught up on what my friend's did for the weekend, and dabbled into some new notes for my comic plots. I was going to attempt to get farther into one of my story boards , but with a slip on my time management I didn't get it into my over-all schedule. I would start now, but that means losing more sleep, and when it comes to doing what you love, you could pull an all-nighter and skip into the following day. So I catch up with that another time. I see a lot of concepts mentally floating since the beginning of the week up to now, so I would say I am at a inspiration "peak" at the moment. I gotta be thankful for the harvest because it could be a drought! biggrin

Can't believe the month of March is coming to a close soon. Gotta make april and may count. After schools out I'm capitalizing on my free time, and going art crazy. Internships, projects, and a big trip out with friends (especially my Mani) ! Hopefully I will be able to budget from now to the summer to able to afford going on a road trip with them. If not, I'll resort to asking my parents to sompensate the rest I don't have. If not, oh well. As long as me and my woman of interest get to spend some sort of quality time.

That's boput it for the moment. Later future me (and viewers of course)
-DK (aka Fresc ,aka kem kem, aka mello, aka Mr. Evergreen, aka Kimbo, aka Rap Riddler, and other names you didn't know I had)