So, let's see. Today is my first journal entry, yay! whee I never did this on my old Gaia account, but I think it would be therapeutic and help me destress xP Let's see, just some minor details on me before we begin, I'm 19, tragic backstory (who doesn't? I'll give more details later in my journals), living with my boyfriend and his mom, have a job (yay), and a sweet HHR with Beatles decals on the back. Okay, so that's good for now. Let's start the journal!

So, today nothing's really happened thusfar. Except my boyfriend decided to tell me that he hates my hair. Like, completely. So let me tell y'all what the sitch is. I used to have super long hair, like, down almost to my butt. So I decided to donate it all to charity like a boss. Cool charity near where I was living at the time, donates the wigs to kids that have cancer, awesome. So that was around....November I forward to January and I meet my boyfriend. Well, we had talked before that, one of those online romances that actually worked out (for now anyways rolleyes ) so he had never seen me with long hair. So I guess I would have understood if he had known me with long hair and then it went to just said he straight up hates it. And for the record, my hair is pretty cute. Like, it's grown out a bit, but it's still pretty short, got some swoopy bangs, it's all good. You know what he wants me to do? Part it down the middle and spike it up in the back. And no disrespect to the girls that can pull this off, but my face is circle shape. You part my hair down the middle and I look about 60 pounds heavier than I really am. Like I'm having an allergic reaction. Besides, part it down the middle and spike it in the back? I really don't think I can pull off the Alfalfa. Anyways, long story short, I'm going to the stylists on Thursday when I get paid...wish me luck. neutral

So..I believe I'm going to end each journal with the crazy freakin dreams I always have, they may provide entertainment for some, maybe some can decode them. Anyways, so last night I had this dream that I was driving some hippie guys van and he was in the back smoking SOMETHING...I don't know what, so don't ask me...anyways, So I'm driving along this road and I keep getting lost, so his friend comes and sits next to me to give me directions, right? Except his friend is this huge frikken spiders and I'm deathly afraid of spiders but for some reason, this one didn't bother me. So we're driving around, getting where we're going, and he was just generally a pretty chill spider overall. So..I dunno. What do you guys think?

Talk to you tomorrow! dramallama TheVisibleGirl