Okay, so I skipped a couple days, so sue me xP But guys...today sucked. Before we get to that though...

Some of you may have seen on my profile status that I bought a gamecube! Super happy, purple of course, along with Sims Bustin' Out, Sims 2 Pets, and Shrek 2. My boyfriend also bought a controller and a couple games so he could play too. We also went to Goodwill and bought an old tv for like, 40 bucks, the thing is enormous and old and good god. It looks so redneck in our room xD. Anyways, that was fun and I've been playing my GameCube now ^.^

So onto today...first off, I think I mentioned before that I'm transferring jobs within a company, lateral transfer, to a store closer to where I moved in with my boyfriend. Wellll now everyone at the first store (instead of being happy for me) decides to try and make my life miserable, keeps calling my shifts off so I'm not getting any money, whatever, it's bullcrap. And it's not like I don't like the commute, I really don't mind driving all that way, it's just that gas is like, $3.75 out by us and it's like, 43 miles away -_- where this other one is only 9 miles. Soooo yeah.

Also, what made this day suck...my car got a flat tire. Boo. It kept getting lower and lower and stuff but I kept putting air in it, well, yeah. No. I knew the rim was a little bent, my grandfather told me when he bought me the car (a 2006 HHR LS WITH MOONROOF F- YEA) but had told me it was no big deal, it wouldn't matter much. That was about October (about 5 months ago). Fast forward to today, the tire discount guys say I need a new rim. Also it will cost $113. Also, I'm 19 and had to grow up fast, but I still suck with money because I'm 19. Also, I have no parents to help me. SO. To make a long story short, my boyfriend's mom helped me out with the money, then he paid half back to her and I'll pay her back when I get paid in two weeks. UGH. rolleyes But hey, that's life, right?

Now for the weird dream. Spiders. EVERYWHERE. Need I say more?

Talk to you soon dramallama TheVisibleGirl