Woo journal entry number two! And still going strong 4laugh I'm just gonna do a quick recap of what happened today..So, when I moved out of my aunts house and in with my boyfriend about a month ago, it made the drive to my job (a certain store where you can assemble your own animal) about an hour. GAS PRICES SUCK. So that's a lot of money, I mathed a bunch and figured out that I was only making $4.60 an hour instead of the $7.40 I was supposed to make (which is depressing as is). So there's an Assemble-an-Animal nearer to us, only about 10 minutes away and I had been thinking of transferring there. I went to visit to see how the store is set up and everything and talk to a manager to see what was what. Well, I talked to the manager and she got so excited that she called my current manager and asked how soon I could work there (they're desperate for people)...only problem is, I had talked to my manager but hadn't said I decided on transferring yet...awkward neutral

The second cool thing that happened to me was that I found this store near us that sells OLD CONSOLES (yes, video games). I get paid Thursday, so I put a Gamecube on hold biggrin I'm so stoked! Next is an N64!

And my weird dream....not so much of a dream, I just had like, five of those weird falling dreams...Hmmm confused

Talk to you tomorrow! dramallama The Visible Girl