it's march 7th, and 17 days away from my birthday. i'm pretty excited. so far since i've been away, my ex ronald kissed me in the hallway( dunno why), i've gained more friends, and i'm freaking boss in wizard101, i'm a lvl 92 going on lvl 93. let's see uhhhhh oh yea so we are hitting midterm in 2nd semester. i hope i do well to get through 9th grade. i've been watching rosario+ vampire which is an anime about a girl named moka who wears a rosary around her neck and when she takes the rosary off, she turns into this pretty and badass vampire that kicks a** and is very .... very agressive. i still watch fairy tail, just waiting for it to continue in april. so this year is the year of the anime because a lot of anime are coming back and spring and stuff and i'm really excited. so i'm like 2 months away from being able to get on adventure quest worlds again. so this year will be a good year. but first, let's just hope i can pass 9th grade. like i said: "a true warrior never quits" see you guys next time ^^