It's been a while, huh? It's the day before my grandmother's birthday. I'm still with Zak, btw. Void Elsword shutdown on 9/28/2019. It was a sad day. I couldn't even work for like 2-3 days without crying at least once. It was my go-to game whenever I was feeling down and needed an escape. I still work at my job and it's better than before, actually. I actually get paid more and the people are nice there. Battle Lords is still up and running but a few of the people who played Void with me left since the server's not the same anymore and it's dead from time to time. I still moderate in discord servers. I left KRWBY for a while since I was given permission to, but when I left, 2 people got their asses in trouble and I tried to come back to help them but they blocked off the server. Don't worry, there's a whole YT video about that. The person finally stepped down too and since then, things have been peaceful since I returned. I had to deal with a friend who's just stupid as ********. Like this girl has no ******** brain whatsoever. I had to drop some friends as well since in the end, they became a waste of time and effort. I've started playing CODE: Closers, which is another private server, in October 2019. I've been playing since, tbh. I used to play this server when it first came out and I played Yuri up until lv 70, but then I quit since I didn't know how to get gear and went back to Void until it shutdown. Now, I main Bai and I'm one of the best speedrunners in Closers. It became a passion for me since I love to improve my gameplay, although at times, I'm too hard on myself. This game made me realize how much of a perfectionist I really am. About my grandmother, she's in a nursing home atm but I'm trying to get her out. A person from Ohio whom I disowned from being my aunt came down a couple of days before my birthday and took her up to Ohio. This same person has been trying to kick me out of my grandmother's house for years or put me in foster care for years, My mental state was shot down for 2 months, then in June, I was doing better. July was a mess because that same person wanted to act like a Karen and try to get the police involved or do all of this crazy s**t just to get me out the house. I'm still in the house, btw. It's just that a few things have changed. I currently have a case against said person so I can't really go into details. Just know that it bought out her true colors, just like my grandmother have been warning me about for years. Everything that my grandmother was trying to say and I kept in mind made sense. But then again, it was the only time that my grandmother didn't sound crazy and made sense. I never liked the person from the get-go since she didn't even like me since I'm my mother's child. I make venting recordings and I have them in the Battle Lords discord server. That's another reason why I haven't updated you guys here. I also pay more bills now. Yeah, like I've planned, I stepped up and started paying bills for the house while I work on trying to get my grandmother back home. Knowing her, she's probably laying low and waiting for me to make a breakthrough. That said person also tried to get me evicted and her case got dismissed since she ran from the court. Lucky me, right? Well anyways, it's almost 3am so I'm going back to sleep. I hope you all are doing well.

"A true warrior never quits." ~Michelle