it's may the 11th and a few more days until i get out of school. man this school year was crazy and fun as hell. first, i made some good friends. second, i found out that people at southwest dekalb are nice and crazy at the same time. third, i've met some awesome teachers, just don't piss them off tho lol. then my classmates. we're all crazy and fun and always laughing. but some teacher and assistant principals.......well let's just say that's not for discussion lol. so it's been a month or two after my birthday, my birthday was pretty awesome. i got to go to cheese steak factory with kelvin(micheal the dark knight), and the food was soo awesome that i was full(and that hardly happens). then it came time for spring break. spring break was peaceful. i got to play video games with no distractions, chill, watch anime, and the usual. then it came time for the EOCT testing once again. here's the funny part: none of the s**t i studied was on the test lmao. so when the teacher walked out we was like "how the fawk am i suppose to do this sheit". however, the literature EOCT was surprisingly easy. so art this year went well also. i'm drawing better than last year. and get this, in my math class, people run to me for help with work and math is my least favorite subject. so at home, everything is fine. my brother won't be able to graduate this year tho which kinda sucks. my grandma is more annoying than ever. my sister now ask me for help and i help her. my mom and i talk more than last year. so i guess things are going well so far. i'm now lvl 100 in wizard101. it took me a while to get where i stand in wizard101. i got to lvl 59 today in adventure quest worlds. and so far for me, i might have to make up classes over summer because i failed some classes this school year but i know everything will work out because it's like i said "a true warrior never quits". well anyways, cya next time. oh and remember, no matter where you are i'll always be watching over you *does fairy tail hand sign*