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Wolfs Journal
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“Best rave ever!” Casey shouted but his voice was lost in the loud music, the teenager tilting his head back as he down his seventh Jello shot. He didn’t have a clue what was in them but at the moment it didn’t matter as Casey stumbled away from the bar and toward the mass of other beings that were dancing. Tilting his head back Casey laughed as he danced, the world around him blurred slightly as he stared up at the moon above him, the only thing he could really make out clearly anymore. Someone moved in behind him, placing their hands on his hips and Casey couldn’t care less anymore as he raised his arms and wrapped them around the strangers head, closing his green eyes.

Who needed a boyfriend anyway? So what if Casey and Jonnie had dated all through High School and suffered at the abuse of bully’s for being gay together, with parents who couldn’t understand where they had gone wrong in raising them? Casey’s eyes opened slightly as another stranger moved in front of him, trapping him between the two men but Casey was feeling great, drunk on both liquor and the music. And someone might have slipped something in one of his drinks too. Casey laughed as he pushed his body back on the man behind him – and it was most clearly a man judging by what was rubbing on Casey’s a** – while he pulled the man in front of him closer, moving his hips in time with the beat while one of the men felt his skin through the fishnet shirt he wore.

Then just as they finished High School at last Jonnie had surprised Casey by asking if they could move in together. Casey leaned his head back letting it fall on the shoulder of the one behind him, eyes drifting shut once more. The joy of that day the two of them had packed up their stuff and moved into a one bedroom apartment had been like a dream come true for Casey. Not only that but they had been able to find a job at the same warehouse and had both been accepted into the same collage, it was like fate didn’t want them to part! At least… That was how it had seemed to Casey. Barely two months had passed when things started going sour. It had started off when Casey had started seeing Jonnie talking to one of the older truck drivers that worked at the warehouse, he hadn’t thought much about it at the time. Maybe if he had then Casey wouldn’t have been blindsided when Jonnie suddenly broke up with him, saying that he couldn’t stand being around Casey every second of every day. Before Casey knew it Jonnie had left him for that same truck driver, living right in truck with the guy so he could cross country with him!

Casey’s green eyes watered suddenly as he roughly pushed the two away from him, stumbling slightly as he started making his way toward where the cars were parked. The two men shouted something at him but he didn’t hear it, hands digging in the pockets of his cargo pants trying to find his keys. Who needed a boyfriend anyway? So what if when Jonnie left him it broke his heart and left him broke, Jonnie having removed all of their savings so Casey was facing getting kicked out of collage on top of losing the apartment?

Casey found a car that looked sort of like the one he had borrowed from a friend, leaning on it as he struggled to put the key into the lock. It took him several minutes before Casey realized that it wasn’t his car causing him to back away from it, holding onto the side mirror as he laughed. “This.. This isn’t - hehe.” Still snickering Casey ran his fingers through his light green hair, tripping over one of his own feet for a second. “I – I – I am in no shape to – haha – to drive.” The cool desert air felt nice on his heated skin as Casey walked awkwardly among the cars, pulling on the door handles of each one he walked by until one door suddenly gave way. Confused Casey turned toward the car door he had opened, giving a drunken smile as he crawled into the backseat of the car and closed the door behind him. It was warmer in the car than outside, the sudden change in temperature leaving Casey feeling sleepy. Licking his lips Casey laid down on the leather seat of the car, pulling his legs up slightly as he snuggled down and dozed off quickly. In his drunken haze Casey didn’t even realize that he was not in his car at all or that he was not alone.

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