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Wolfs Journal
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Mint tilted his head back slightly as he stepped out of the Taxi, becoming dizzy just looking at the fifty floored hotel he was about to enter. The cold air nipped at his face causing his ears and nose to become red, seeping into the loose black coat he wore causing him to shiver faintly. Turning around Mint reached inside the running car to grab a small book bag from the backseat before he closed the cab door and reached into his coat pocket handing the driver what he owed. Pulling the coat tighter around himself Mint walked toward the hotel, black boots slipping on the ice on the sidewalk for a second before he regained himself. The doorman eyed him for a second, taking in the faded out coat and small black hat he wore on his head before looking away with a curl of distaste. Mint ignored him and opened the door himself, giving a soft sigh as the warmth from the lobby hit his face.

The inside of the hotel was a breathtaking sight, one that Mint had never seen before and most likely never would again after tonight. The floors were made of pure white marble tile, so clean and spotless that if Mint looked down he could see himself in them while from the ceiling small, crystal chandeliers hung leading from the doorway all the way across the room to the staircase on the other side. As it was December 1st small Christmas decorations were hanging from across the lobby desks, a single long reef wrapped in slowly blinking lights and small painted orbs hanging off of it in different sizes. In different corners here and there different Christmas trees stood going from a pure white tree with small crystal’s in different color hanging from its branches to a large, fat tree covered in what seemed to be decorations made from children. In different pots stood flowers, most being roses in red or white while some held Christmas roses or Poinsettia’s to show the mood, even some of the statue’s had a wreath on top of their head with fake candles flickering faintly.

Hearing someone clear their throat Mint became aware of the fact that he had been standing in the doorway for several minutes, gaping at everything like a fool. Feeling heat on his cheeks Mint quickly moved toward the desk, one gloved hand reaching up to nervously fix the little black hat resting on top of his auburn hair giving the single curl that stuck out an extra twist. “Hi there, I’m checking in.”

The clerk gave Mint the same look over as the doorman had before he turned toward his computer. “Name?”

“Mint Candy.”

The clerk’s cheek twitched; face twisting as though he had smelled something unpleasant. “Your… Company for the night has not yet checked in. Your room is on the top floor.” The clerk reached under the desk to remove a keycard, being careful when he handed it to Mint to keep their fingers from touching. “Enjoy your night.”

Mint turned on his heel and marched away, his cheeks and ears flaming when the clerk coughed out something that sounded like ‘whore’ but he acted like he didn’t hear. He was used to this by now though it still stung sometimes. Taking a deep breath Mint moved past the stairs and toward the elevators beside them, jamming his finger into the button before crossing his arms over his chest. He could feel the clerks’ eyes on him causing Mint to narrow his green eyes as he started stabbing the button with his finger, trying to make it hurry up. After what seemed like an hour – really it was only a couple minutes – the doors slid open with a ding and Mint moved to step inside of them.

“That elevator does not reach the top floor; you will need to take the stairs to the tenth level.” The clerk suddenly said causing Mint to freeze with one boot already in the door. Slowly Mint removed his foot and turned away from the elevator toward the grand staircase beside it, refusing to allow himself to even glance at the clerk. He was already five steps up when the clerk spoke again. “Not those stairs.” Mint stopped, one gloved hand resting on the smooth banister before he took a deep breath and turned around. The clerk looked straight ahead and using a pen he was holding in his hand pointed toward the fire escape door on the other side of the stairs. With his face burning red now – in shame or embarrassment he didn’t know - Mint slowly walked back down the stairs and toward the fire escape, looking over his shoulder at the clerk who was looking down at his computer now.

Pushing open the door Mint quickly slipped inside before the clerk could point out something else to him, closing the door behind him. It was not nearly as wonderful inside the fire escape exit, the walls made out of stone, the stairs from steel and painted bright red which helped him to see in the dim lightening and it was chiller as well but thankfully not as cold as it was outside. Lowering his hands to his side Mint started the long climb up the stairs, trying not to look up or down the higher he went. Less than ten minutes later Mint wheezed softly as he pulled himself up to the tenth floor, leaning on the railing for a second as he held a stich in his side. He should be thankful that clerk hadn’t said he would need to walk up all fifty flights, he’d be long dead! Mint could see the headlines now, ‘Male Prostitute found Dead in Hotel Fire Escape’… Okay, so it would most likely never make the news. He’d be lucky if someone even found his body.

After catching his breath Mint pushed open the door slowly and peered into the hallway, glancing both ways but didn’t see anyone around. Even though he was starting to become warm Mint kept the coat pulled tight around his slim form as he walked toward the elevator and pushed the button, thankfully not having to wait nearly as long as he had before. When the door slid open Mint jumped back in surprise as a small white terrier dog started barking at him only to be yanked back by a beautiful woman holding its leash. “Quiet Sugar, I said quiet.” The woman said as she dragged the dog back to her side, Mint carefully working his way into the elevator as the dog watched him closely. Removing the backpack Mint placed it between him and the dog before pressing the button for the fiftieth floor, shifting slightly when the woman turned her head to look at him. Keeping his green eyes up Mint watched the numbers change slowly until they came to a stop on the twenty second floor where the woman got out at last, Mint finally lowering his eyes to watch her leave with the dog in tow.

Now alone Mint sighed softly and relaxed, leaning back on the wall as he waited for his stop. Being a prostitute hadn’t been his first work of choice – really, when was it ever? – but the money was good, and at the moment money was what Mint needed. His life was like a bad Life Time movie that came on during late night Monday, only he was a guy rather than a woman. Life had been good until he turned seventeen, then it started going downhill starting with the death of his parents because some dipsh*t sale’s man had sold them a car without telling them about the faulty break lines that needed repair. Mint couldn’t even sue the guy because he lacked the money to do so. To make matters worse his little sister had been in the car with his parents; even though she had lived with only a broken arm while she was staying in the hospital the doctor’s found she had Leukemia.

Mint closed his eyes as he felt tears building in them, barely able to remember what all had been said to him. With Lucy in the hospital Mint had dropped out of High School to begin working any jobs he could but nothing seemed to be able to cover the growing number of bills that seemed to come each month. Then several months ago Mint had been offered a job by a man posing as an agent, saying that Mint had just the body he was looking for in his line of work and swore that it would make him big money. At the time Mint hadn’t cared and blindly signed the contract that had been offered to him, not even realizing what was going on until he was being stripped naked and thrown into a room with his first client. He sold his virginity for $5000 but most of it had gone right into his new ‘bosses’ pocket.

Hearing the doors slide open brought Mint back to where he currently was, seven months and hundreds of other clients later on his way to see another. Reaching up Mint fixed his hat and curl once more as he walked down the small hallway to the other door on the other end, reaching inside his coat pocket to remove the keycard. Unlocking the door Mint pushed it open and gasped softly, moving into the large penthouse suite slowly as the keycard and pack slipped out of his fingers. The sheer size of it nearly overwhelmed Mint as he walked from room to room before he opened up the sliding glass door that led to a balcony that was large enough for a Jacuzzi to rest on, the water already hot and bubbling to the point that it had melted the snow and ice around it. Mint would have loved to live in such a place; it was like some sort of dream really.

After standing outside for several minutes Mint finally gave into the chill of the night air, turning away from the lights of the city to go back inside. He was here to do a job, not prance around like some prince from a fairytale. Reaching down Mint began to undo the buttons along the front of his coat as he walked into the front living room like area, removing the coat at last. The outfit under it was not something that anyone should be wearing in such weather, and it was even less likely what one would find an eighteen year old boy wearing. Placing the coat across one of the chairs Mint reached to tug the black tube top he wore down a little bit more while fixing the short shorts he wore so they rode down just enough to show he wore nothing under them. Grabbing the coat Mint headed back toward the front to hang it up in the front closet, removing his boots and placing them in as well so the only thing on his legs were the thigh high black stockings he wore.

Picking up the backpack and keycard he had dropped earlier Mint opened up the pack, reaching inside to remove several different items and placing them out along the small coffee table in the living room. A riding crop, handcuffs, strawberry and regular lube, several different brands of condoms in different sizes and a couple of toys in case they wanted something extra spicy. Mint removed a small tube of chapstick from one of the side pockets, giving his lips a little shine to them before he placed the empty pack in the closet as well. Raising his hand Mint fingered the small cross around his neck for a second before removing it as well, hiding it in the pack at the last second. He wasn’t sure if someone like him was allowed to believe in a higher power or not but it gave him at least a small amount of peace after dealing with the really rough clients. He just hoped that this one wouldn’t be too bad, he had never been inside such a grand place before and had no idea what that would mean.

Mint took a seat in the living room in one of the chairs in front of the coffee table, facing the door. He wore a small smile on his face as he crossed his legs, trying to look right at home and relaxed even though his heart was pumping in his chest.

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