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Wolfs Journal
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There is an event that takes place once every hundred years, on the same day and on the same time which begins at the stroke of midnight and ends less than ten minutes later. It is the day that the stars fall from the heaven to earth, an event that is an enjoyment to mortals to watch but for another race it marks the beginning of a young angel’s journey to becoming an adult.

One such brightly shining star raced through the sky’s, seeking out a place to land as it left a golden trail behind it which soon disappeared into nothing. Many others strayed away on their own, covering miles in less than seconds and others stayed in pairs as to not be alone when they found their own place to land. Giggling could be heard from the star as it twirled through the air before it narrowly missed running into the tower of a castle, rocketing past the windows with childish laughter as it moved on further. Nearing the ground now the star dodged around trees and boulders before coming to a small lake where it kept along the shallows. Suddenly it stopped all movement, hovering just a couple inches above the water as it bathed the area with the same golden light. Now that it wasn’t in a flurry of movement, and if someone had been there to see it, they could see that it was a rather large star roughing about the size of a human being. In fact, looking closely there seemed to be movement inside of the floating star as though there was somethin-


“Ah!” The star suddenly popped in a burst of light as something fell from where it had been hovering, landing into the water below. The little being flopped around in the water in a rather ungraceful manner before it righted itself, sitting up in the shallows to look around. ‘It’ was in fact a ‘he’, a teenage looking boy who was stark naked save for some sort of cloth around his waist which helped to cover his heart shaped behind and male parts. The boy raised his hands, delicate and fragile with smooth pale skin that was hairless and as soft as a flower petal. Tilting his head back the boy watched the little ring of light that had been floating above his head all this time slowly disappear into a thin veil of smoke which drifted down for a second to peck him on his pink lips in a form of a kiss before slipping up back toward the sky that he had just fallen from. With a small laugh that sounded like bells the boy raised his hand to wave goodbye to it as on his back two small wings fluttered, for a second or two lifting him out of the water before lowering him back down into it as they were unable to support his weight just yet. Turning his head the boy looked back at his wings, reaching back with one hand to run his fingertips over the soft downy feathers. It would take a hundred years for his wings to grow and become strong enough for him to fly back home, a hundred years he would spend on earth.

Nuri tilted his head back once more to watch the rest of the ‘stars’ falling for a second with a soft smile on his face, blinking his faintly glowing emerald eyes that seemed to mirror the sight he was watching. Oddly enough his eyes seemed to lack pupils, an endless flow of color. Looking down at the water Nuri gained his first look at the form he had been given for his time here, raising his hands to his face as he lightly touched the skin that still held a little baby fat on it. Nuri didn’t mind, in fact he loved his new form and his new home. Laughing once more Nuri placed his hands on the ground as he slowly pushed himself up onto his shaking legs, his small wings opening to beat uselessly on his back to try and help support his weight as he took his first steps… And fell face first into the water. Nuri felt a small sting on his hand as he sat back up, looking down at a tiny cut on the inside of his palm. He knew what this feeling was even though he had never felt it before; it was called ‘pain’ and the soft golden liquid coming out of it was known as ‘blood’ to his kind. Even as Nuri watched the small cut sealed itself shut once more leaving not even a hint of trace it had ever been there to begin with. The angel boy ran his thumb over the remaining blood that had been left behind, giving it a small lick to taste it but only tasting water.

More carefully this time Nuri stood and placed one foot in front of the other, slowly becoming steadier on his feet the longer he walked. Giggling Nuri walked a little faster which grew into a trot and then a full out run as he turned to run across the top of the water of the lake. The fallen stars had ended now leaving Nuri alone with nothing but the moon watching over him and the number of forest animals coming to watch him, able to sense a being of light and kindness near them. Tilting his head back and closing his eyes Nuri opened his arms out wide as he spun around the center of the lake, dragging air into his virgin lungs and feeling his heart beating strongly his chest.

He was alive and he never wanted it to end.

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