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Wolfs Journal
Terry Hastings
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“You sick ********, let me go!” A young voice shouted in anger, the owner of the voice digging his heels into the ground as he was dragged forward. “When my father finds out about this you are so dead!” Terry Hastings kicked one leg out, feeling it connect with something but he wasn't sure if it was human or not. Hands grabbed his dark hair causing Terry to snarl in pain as his head was yanked back, feeling a round object being pressed to his lips. Terry kept his lips closed tight causing the man who was holding him to yank his black hair again, this time hard enough to cause Terry to cry out allowing the ball gag to be shoved into his mouth. The straps were pulled tight, digging into the corners on of his lips to leave bruises forcing him to keep his mouth opened, teeth sinking into the rubber and halting his enraged screaming.

Terry wasn’t sure by this point how he had gotten himself into this mess but he knew the reason behind it, and whose fault it was. The last thing he remembered was walking home from a party with a couple of friends, all of them to buzzed to drive and his father being a little b***h and refusing to send someone to pick him up since he had snuck out in the first place. Terry was what you would call a ‘spoiled little rich boy’, his daddy making millions each mouth by selling weapons to some overseas country’s and Terry eagerly blowing through it on anything he wanted even if he didn’t need it. His father had always warned him to be ready for anything, that people might try to kidnap him which was the reason why he didn’t go to school anymore. His father wanted him watched at all times, wanted him to be aimed at all times but there was only so much a seventeen year old boy could take. The only reason why his father wasn’t seeding someone to get him now was because of how angry he had made the man, not that Terry cared.

It had happened shortly after his friend Oliver had left him to wonder home leaving Terry alone where he had pulled out his phone and started cussing out his father, ordering the man to send someone to pick him up. His father hadn’t taken too kindly to his tone or the fact that he had broken out of the house causing to two to get into yet another fight over the phone before the man had told Terry to find his own way home and hung up on him. It wasn’t a common thing; well the fighting was but not the part where the man sent his goons to pick up his son. Pissed off Terry had started walking home, muttering about how he would make the man pay for leaving him out in the cold when a van had pulled up at the end of the street he was walking on. Terry hadn’t paid it too much mind as he had started passing it, laughing as he gave a sharp kick to one of the back doors so that it dented. What did he care? His father could just pay for the damages, or have the people killed anyway.

It wasn’t until he had turned away from the van that the back door had opened, two men jumping out to grab his arms. Before Terry had been able to get a good look at them or understand what was happening one of them had tied a blindfold around his blue eyes and a sharp punch had hit him in his stomach, knocking the air out of him so he couldn’t scream for help. When he had regained his breath he was lying in the back of the same van he had dented, his hands cuffed behind his back and headphones over his ears with heavy metal music blasting so he couldn't hear anything. Terry couldn’t be such how long they were driving around for but when the van had stopped was when he had starting fight and screaming, leading to where he was now.

Terry grunted into the ball gag as he was roughly thrown facedown onto a mattress, the blindfold slipping a little so he could see. He had just enough time to make out a warehouse of some kind when he felt the mattress sink a little on the side, the blindfold being pulled back into place before he could turn his head and see who it was that had taken him. When the presser on the side of the mattress left Terry could only lay there, cheek resting on the horribly smelly and lumpy mattress that seemed like they had just gotten out of the dump. He was still angry though but in the pit of his stomach he was also afraid, fruitlessly yanking on the cuffs until he felt his fur trim jacket tear slightly. Great! Now on top of kidnapping him they had also caused him to tear his $500 jacket too! When his father came and got him Terry was going to make sure that whoever it was that had taken him was going to pay to replace it, or just be killed. Unable to see or hear anything Terry slowly pulled his knees up, the leather pants he wore making the movement a little hard until he pushed himself up so that he was sitting on his knees. He tugged on the handcuffs around his hands, feeling the sleeves of his jacket tear a little more, before sighing around the gag in his mouth as he lowered his head a little waiting for something to happen.

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