I'm not done yet lol just for the year.

Hey guys. Just wanted to stop by and write in one more journal before the year is out and update you guys on what has been going on this past semester at school. When I first got back to school this year I had discovered that an old friend of mine from high school was going to my college. This was a pretty fun experience hanging out with her for a little bit. As far as my old friends(the ones that I dropped) things have gotten a lot better. If I didn't mention before why I dropped my old friend, long story short, she told this girl I barely knew that I called her a name. I just said what I said based off an opinion but I apologized to her and things still seemed weird after that so I just said eff them and made some new friends who are a lot more fun haha. After a while when all this bs was done and over with I was finding out more and more about the situation. Turns out that the backstabbing friend had been snitching on me about stuff I NEVER said about that girl i never knew. I got so fed up with the whole thing that I sent her a text message telling her how i really felt and I know it made her feel like crap. I have a pretty good feeling next year she's not gonna have any good friends like me. It was obvious that she was just jealous of me this entire time and the friendships i made with people that she was friends with. I couldn't help that they liked me more lol. But anyway I'm over this girl and she can go suck a d*ck for all i care. As far as my guy friend that I have been friends with for about two and a half years, he had been acting reallt funny toward me lately. We're not talking right now and I think the reason is really stupid. At a party one night when he got drunk, he was all over me including his hands lol. I swear it was so akward and i was so confused. When I have finally asked him how exactly he felt about me he said it was just sexual. not exactly the answer I was looking for since I've kind of had feelings for him since day one but he shot me down when we first met so I stopped liking him in that way but sometimes I cant help but get a little jealous when I see him talking to someone else. But since he told me everything he feels at the time was just sexual he asked me without asking me if we could just have sex and still be cool. I said no of course. You didn't want me then so done want me now and Im not the type of girl to just have sex with anybody. I have standards and I'd like to be married or at least in a committed relationship before I do with someone. But since he told me I've been turning him on so much he thinks we should stop seeing each other. I think it's stupid but I'm just gonna keep my distance for now. Speaking of relationships I have been getting over my ex more and more, Some days I miss him and some days I could care less. But something that has been helping me get over him more is by talking to some new guys. I met a new guy recently and he seems really sweet and we are connecting on so many levels. one of the biggest things that is turning me off about him and I know its something that cant be helped is that he has two twin girls who are two years old. I don't really have time for the baby mama drama so I don't want to get too close to him in that way but I love to just be his friend but I think he is starting to like me even more. I know I'm gonna have to shut him down sooner or later and I will do it. The last thing I wanna do is lead someone on. Well that's all I have for now. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and bring them in safely. Until next time. 2014 here we come! Haha smile heart