So since I am back on Gaia and more interested in writing more journals just to help express myself more I wanted to write something new but I had no idea what I wanted to talk about. So I was scrolling through some old journals I had seen that on of my old journals from years ago has gotten over 300 views lol. I'm not sure if that is considered at lot but it was interesting to see so many views and when I clicked on it to read it, it was a little shocked at what in the hell I was saying but then again I was young and learning about life still. I didn't want to read the whole thing but a few lines that I saw sounded super ridiculous and some shaming among both genders. So I wanted to rewrite that journal "I Just Want Boys" to give an updated more mature perspective on what I was trying to say I guess lol. First things, first-I don't care what gender of a baby that God gives me. If I have daughter, I will want to raise her to be the best person that she can be in life while knowing to hold her head high being aware that she is being in this world that matters and she is mean to do great things. I guess from what I said as a younger kid I seen girls my age at the time giving it up to anyone. But I did not know their stories to really know what was going with them at home. When I was in high school, I used to get bullied for being the good kid that never got in trouble. But I didn't want to follow the crowd so I didn't . This still didn't give me the right to judge them though. Being a woman now of days can be tough. We go through a lot that men will never understand but that doesn't make them less to us or us less to them. We just need to hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to relationships and men. This is something I learned while trying to date the last few years and I have learned so much, good and bad that I have learned from dating. From the things that I have experienced, these will be things that I will teach to my future son and daughter so that will not make the same mistakes that I did. I know that once they get older I will not be able to control what they do, but I want to make sure that I am giving them the tools that they need to be successful when it comes to dating and looking out for all the red flags that may come along the way and knowing when to really walk away from something that is not good for you. I want to teach my children when real love should look it and how to love another human being with love and respect. So either way, I am going to be happy with either gender in a child that God decides to bless me with.