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Playing: Generation of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection

Finished watching the Persona 4 anime, it was fun, but I still like Persona 3 best. I'm watching Korra episode 6 now, Bolin has become my favorite character. XD


October 12

Freedom (Slayers site)
A fandom-centric site that's been in the making and cancelled many times. I finally put it up. It has my Slayers fanfic novel and fanart related to it.

Dimensions (portal)
Another portal page. ^^;; This one links to the sites that have a significant amount of fanfic and/or fanart content. Some are fanworks centric and others have them as a section of a character information site.

Boshi with chocolate (pencil) - Super Mario
Sketch of the pic I'll probably use as the November layout at Fantasy Bit. The theme is Thanks Giving, things to be thankful for, hence the chocolate because I'm very thankful for its wonderful existence. XD

October 13

Disgaea Halloween Lineart
WIP of a Halloween layout pic I'm making.

October 14

Awakening Chapter 8 (Pokemon)
Thunder and Rockets - The adventure continues at Vermilion City!

Disgaea Halloween
Laharl and Flonne from Disgaea. Laharl's scarf is inside the pumpkin and serves as its tongue. XD As expected Laharl is a bit grumpy, sticking to his side of the pumpkin, while Flonne is as bubbly as ever! biggrin I made this to use it as a Halloween layout pic on Fantasy Bit, I should have the layout coded soon.

Mario Christmas
Sketch for what will possibly be part of Fantasy Bit's December layout. Early, I know, especially since the October layout isn't even done yet. Well, the pic is, I just need to finish coding, I think I'll do that tonight.

Fantasy Bit Halloween Layout
Fantasy Bit's October layout is finally finished! biggrin

October 15

Shinra Files: Turks Reports (Final Fantasy VII)
The site is finally up. Basically a better styled version of a few of my Final Fantasy fanfics.

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