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October 17

I'm near the end of Generation of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection. Chose not to fight Cherie because after Dimitri I had 1 character with 1 HP left... Yeah it was that close. My strategy (or lack thereof) is to kill everything on the map then go for the boss, pretty straight forward, no running around, no defending strategy points of unit points. I need to level a bit and than I guess I'll take on Cherie. If this is a good end, bad end thing, I'm not training for it, I would need to level up a lot to clear 3 maps in a row since I barely survived 2.

Yesterday I watched Un-Go, the full series and the prequel, it's kind of like Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro with a role reversal. In Neuro, he is the monster and Yako is the detective, and in Un-Go, the monster is a girl Inga and Shinjiro is the detective, both monsters pretend to be the assistant of their detective partner, though they have their own reasons to tag along. Neuro eats puzzles and Inga eats truths. Neuro needs the puzzles to be solved to eat them, so technically he is consuming the answers, like Inga. Shinjiro and Yako are both very perceptive and have the ability to figure out people's true intentions by observing them. However, they both have a rival detective that they feel they can't catch up with, in Yako's case in Neuro himself, though on several occasions it has been shown that both detectives need to learn to give themselves more credit as they are both rather self sacrificing. Inga wears a panda hat and Neuro can turn into a parrot monster, Neuro has lots of gadgets to investigate and Inga has the ability to ask 1 question per person (in that person's whole life) which must be answered with the truth. Both Yako and Shinjiro asked their monster partners for the answer to some mystery of their lives in exchange for feeding them via solving crimes (usually murders) with their detective business. Neither monster gave an answer, but various circumstances provided the detectives with the opportunity to find their respective answers for themselves. I didn't like Un-Go as much as Neuro, but it was still a very amusing series and not too long, 11 episodes plus the prequel which is like 12 or 13 since the prequel is nearly an hour.

Watched Lucario & the Mystery of Mew, I've been meaning to watch it since I only saw a portion of it before and Rocketlord's Pokemon novel The Enigma Chronicles: Sedition got me curious to watch the whole movie. Speaking of Fanfiction Net, I still can't copy and paste stories into my reader software so I haven't listened to the latest chapter of The Swan Maiden sad I watched Ponyo today and now I'm watching the Appleseed series, I've already seen the movies. Not sure if the series is like an AU or if the connection is just not obvious. I like the movies better so far. The characters feel a bit ooc. Edit: Yeah definitely AU, badass movie Deunan is better.


October 16

Theodore (Persona 3)
Pencil sketch of another possible future layout pic...

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