September 21, 2014: Sailor Moon Crystal episode 6 review and screen shots

September 29, 2014: Just put the finishing touches on a new little fansite, Electric Shock (Pokemon: Jolteon) I've also been making lots of eeveelution mood pixel themes. I'll have all the eeveelution posted soon.

October 1, 2014: After I finished the eeveelution pixel mood themes I made Ronin Warriors pixel mood themes. Some days I made 100+ pixels. x.x I think I'll slow down for a while.

October 4, 2014: I've added a lot of CSS content recently. Transformations, animations, keyframe tricks and more. You can see the tutorials at Fantasy Bit.

October 5, 2014: Another update for Candy Lipstick, a review and 30 sceen shots for Sailor Moon Crystal episode 7.

October 7, 2014: I finally got the food shop open at Amassment and there's a quest going on until the end of October.

October 17, 2014: Got Enthusiast working and now my active cliques and fanlists are running on the script. They include the Ryo and White Blaze fanlists at A Boy and his Cat as well as my cliques and directories (except Starlight, that one still runs on my script) which you can see listed in the active section here

October 18, 2014: Despite being quiet about it, I have been updating. I made a bunch of small updates all over the sites listed at Confetti and made a new site, Spots and Purrs, a review fansite for Ladybug

October 19, 2014: I've been doing a lot of updates to the sites at Confetti! There are still things I want to add to Fantasy Bit so there will be updates in the future as soon as some of my other projects are done. Other than Electric Shock my newest site is Spots and Purrs which is a WIP. I have a few small updates in mind for A Boy and his Cat too, I've also been updating Candy Lipstick I also brought some sites out of hiatus, they're in the active section at Confetti!