Amon Ishtar

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"Everything in creation has a flaw. Humans don’t even need to be mentioned. The air, intent, and even time, everything can be slain as long as it’s alive even if that thing is God. This is who I am. I am the Captain of the Sixth Division."

Who am I you ask…

    FULL NAME: Amon Ishtar

    ALIASES: Amon goes by a few Aliases in which he is proud to have the people of the Soul Society call him due to his triumphs and victories in combat as well as his rule over the Sixth Division. The Prince of Terror; The Blood Stained Monk

    NICKNAMES: Captain Ishtar, Amon, Phony Priest, Droopy Eyes, Baldy Head

    DATE OF BIRTH: May 17th

    ACTUAL AGE: Due to the fact aging within the Soul Society is a lot slower than that of the human world, Amon doesn't take on the appearance of one who is truly old; a man that is free from time is how most of the members of his division sees him. Amon is 986 years old. The things he has seen and has been through during his years at the Academy and even as a rookie in the thirteen courts is hidden within the years of his very existence.

    APPEARANCE AGE: Minus being extremely old and due to his Division changes overseeing the activity within the Human World, Amon's physical body remains that of the age in which he died which is 25.

    ETHNICITY: Egyptian


    REIATSU COLOR: Jade and Black

    REIATSU APPEARANCE: His spiritual pressure is jade green and black in color and when released, it encircles his body in rings while stretching outward as black energy rains down from the sky crushing everything within its path. His exact amount of spiritual energy is unknown as he hasn't felt the need to express it fully. While it was known that was once on par with two Captains before the Ishtar Seal was etched into his skin to suppress this growing power. The full power of Amon's Reiatsu is looks like a raging storm, incredibly dense and flaring out like an unstoppable tropical storm around Amon's body allowing him to block attacks briefly. In a way its like trying to cut through the rain itself without getting one's blade wet. Causing blades that were aimed perfectly for a vital point to miss by the smallest hair. The wind itself slices everything that it touches, and tries to pull targets towards the eye of the storm which is where Amon's body normally is located where the wind doesn't rip or shred anything.

Personal Statistical Information

    APPEARANCE: Amon is of relatively average height and athletically wiry, although he's usually enveloped in his very loose Shikigami garb. He has snow white blond hair kept vaguely short and violet eyes, and is considered to be strikingly attractive. Draped over the shoulders of the robe is his Captain's Haori.

    Underneath the robes, usually when entering a human skin for undercover assignments he is seen wearing simple blue-jeans and a thin, tight-fitting mock-turtleneck with not sleeves, with black finger-less gloves connecting to slave-rings on each hand. He's got a decent handful of scars, mostly not visible in his normal dress, all of which are fairly old. He originally wore black tabi socks and straw sandals on his feet, but later switched to black boots. It was also hinted that Amon may be farsighted as he's always seen wearing glasses when his reading the newspaper or scriptures.


    HEIGHT: 176.5 CM / 5 Feet 9 Inches

    WEIGHT: 64 KG / 141 LBS

    EYE COLOR: Violet

    HAIR COLOR: Platinum Blond

    PIERCINGS: Four piercings, three on his left ear cartilage and one on his right on the lobe of his ear.

    TATTOOS : Amon bares the Ishtar Seal on the left side of his neck originally used to suppress his overpowering and suffocating Immense Reiryoku. The tattoo is linked directly to Amon's Reiryoku and the daggers along the tattoo will connect to the center of the crest in the form of locks showing the different levels of control. When the levels of spiritual energy reach massive capacity a dagger will be forced out of the center. Once all four daggers are forced back from the center Amon's immense amount of Reiryoku releases itself. Which is wild and at this point has become tamed to his will. This level of spiritual power has a possible tendency to leak from his body and when released can affect the surrounding area in a destructive way. The tattoo only makes Amon appear to have a masterful control over his massive spiritual power, as it can affect those around him unintentionally due to his true inability to control his own energy.

    DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Other than Amon’s horrible personality and his impressively great looks, his most distinguishing feature is the Ishtar Seal on the left side of his neck. With the rise of silver hair within the Soul Society the only thing that sets Amon apart from other Silver haired sword wielding pretty boys is his violet demon colored eyes.

    DIVISION: 6th Division

    POSITION / SEAT: Captain

    sh*tAGI: Standard issue in terms of coloration but in terms of length and style it is modified; Sleeveless
    KOSODE: Standard issue in terms of coloration but in terms of length and style it is modified; Sleeveless
    HAKAMA: Standard issue
    HAKAMA-HIMO: Royal Blue Sash
    TABI: Standard issue
    WARAJI: Standard issue
    HAORI: Sleeveless, drapes over his shoulders with Royal Purple lining on the inside to match his eyes.

The Sword Created by Oetsu Nimaiya

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    ZANPAKUTO NAME: Fuchi (Abyss)

    ZANPAKUTO SPIRIT APPEARANCE: Fuchi takes on the appearance of a black dog with long cat like ears and other cat features with a long tail equipped with a hand at the end. Those whom have seen Fuchi usually believe his fur is just as black as the shadow of the moon, yet it’s extremely soft and ghost like. He has sun like golden eyes which shine brightly through his purple-black fur with blue around his muzzle, paws, and under his belly.

    ZANPAKUTO SPIRIT TRUE APPEARANCE: Kokyuteki Fuchi's true form is a is a robust man fully clad in pitch-black armor and a rustic helmet with a thinly carved slit displaying the ghastly glow of his eyes. The armor is the work of the delicate and nuanced workmanship of its smith's utmost effort, succeeding in granting it an air of formidability and a fine construction. It is a perfect armor that can be called neither exquisite nor crude, and it instead perfectly melds magnificence and functionality. It is carved with countless marks and scratches, the highlights of his various military exploits etched into it to add a touch of valor. It is an ideal battle outfit that all knights could not help but envy.


    ZANPAKUTO PERSONALITY: Fuchi comes across as an intelligent, well-mannered with a soft-spoken demeanor and a quick smile. He can be somewhat absent-minded, and what one might term a 'home-body,' in that he enjoys cleaning, cooking, and other activities more usually suited to house-wives. Fuchi is well read and enjoys learning and is full of strange, possibly useless information. He also possesses a good memory, and is fairly capable when it comes to 'reading' people (which makes him killer when it comes to poker).

    His sense of humor is quirky, and due to the fact that he nearly never shows anger, it can be difficult to tell if his cheerfully delivered barbs are honest or in jest, which some people find rather off-putting. He puts forth an optimistic attitude even in the face of severe adversity, though he is perfectly capable of treating a given situation with the seriousness it is due. He's not a clown, so much as someone who seeks to keep everyone around him in good spirits even when the going gets rough.

    This affable, if odd, exterior hides a much darker side which--thankfully--is rarely seen. It's a part of him that only emerges fueled by a deep feeling of hurt and rage, a need for vengeance that can take a horrifying toll on those unfortunate enough to provoke it. It's a part of himself that Fuchi has tried to put away, something he hopes very dearly will remain in his past. Due to the circumstances of his life, there is also a lingering sense of melancholy about him that emerges from time to time, a result of feelings of guilt and self-depreciation in regards to the crimes he committed in the past.


    RELEASE COMMAND: Fumei wo Uchikatsu (Conquer the unknown)


    SHIKAI RELEASE APPEARANCE: Once the release command "Conquer the unknown" is spoken Amon holds it above his head and the blade begins to glow with an green light. The twilight swells around the sword and it is released as a flash of light, a surging wave of his spiritual pressure with the simple purpose of destruction. This alone is just the method Amon chooses to release Fuchi as a from of intimidation while the sword changes behind the brilliant light. Fuchi changes from a normal Katana into a two-handed, golden greatsword with a green jewel embedded in the hilt that boasts a magnificence and enormity possible only for weapons tended to by inhuman hands.

    SHIKAI APPEARANCE: Fuchi Shikai Appearance

    SHIKAI ABILITY: Fuchi has a distinct and unique power over shadows and what is perceived as darkness. Once released Fuchi has the ability to manipulate his or anybody’s shadow to do its will. The main use of this power over shadows is the ability to place people under paralysis and even injure them by making them tangible beings. Shadows to Fuchi are looked at as a second body or an astral body to those who possess a physical body. Fuchi’s ability lie in the ability to injure these astral bodies and by doing so injure the physical body. Any shadow cut or stabbed by Fuchi will gain the same damage produced on its shadow. By stepping on the opponents shadow while holding Fuchi allows Amon to immobilize them, preventing muscular movement in their legs and arms, although other body parts can be moved. The second Amon stops stepping on the opponent’s shadow they become free. Although this act is performed by those whom hold Fuchi. There are restrictions to Fuchi’s shadow skills. Fuchi cannot kill a target by stabbing a vital location on their shadow as its impossible to physically find any vital locations on a shadow. So stabbing the head will not result in a the death of an opponent. If a shadow is stabbed it indicates removal of an area which means it has to be followed with a slash or cut. This allows limbs to be removed in which case a head can be removed. The third rule is that Fuchi cannot send someone into paralysis while striking their shadow. During Shikai, the amount of power is limited to one of two forms: Offensive or Paralysis.

    Towairaito Zon (Twilight Zone): This is an attack that allows Fuchi to take command of any shadow that is connected to its shadow. The shadow produces either a single solider or an army of ink-black creatures, with yellow beady eyes. Upon their destruction, they simply disappear into puffs of darkness. Although while they are alive they can be manipulated into weapons of pure shadow that have the same cutting or destruction mass of the original. Each of these soldiers can turn their limbs into weapons and even become a living shadow and reconnect with the shadow of target before becoming like a chain holding them in place from their shadow.

    Supekuta (Specter): This is a special skill that Amon personally loves about Fuchi. It allows the wielder to transform their physiology into that of a shadow; as a shadow their body cannot be touched by normal means. With this skill the user is able to fade themselves into shadows, dodging efficiently, and making surprise attacks. However, if the user is caught while in a tangible form, or by a person who can enter this shadow form they are vulnerable to attack. With that being said, things such as Kido which doesn’t have a true physical form is very useful against this skill.

    BANKAI NAME: Kokyuteki Fuchi (Perpetual Abyss)

    BANKAI RELEASE APPEARANCE: Kokyuteki Fuchi maintains its form during Shikai. Amon holds his sword within both of his hands before stabbing it into a surface. The gem on the end of the hilt glows with a bright light as it releases spiritual energy. As it glows bright, the gem slowly loses its color and soon a black mist expels from the gem and from the object the blade is stabbed into. The mist engulfs everything that was touched by the light before it cuts off everything else forming a perimeter over the large area. Once in position, the mist thickens around the outside generating a black void which dashes through the ground and reattaches to the blade. From the outside this looks like a giant cube of swirling darkness or black mist that covered the area.

    BANKAI ABILITY: Amon dubs this place as “The Realm of Darkness” which reflects the true meaning behind his Zanpakuto’s name. Kokyuteki Fuchi creates this Realm of Darkness where it is the strongest. Those held within the grasp of this world are doomed due to it’s an separate extension of Fuchi. The mist that formed is the grasp of Fuchi in which traps those infected by his darkness in an illusion world of their worst nightmares. This Realm of Darkness allows Amon to break into those nightmares and manipulate them as he sees fit even allowing him to take away skills, powers, and even knowledge of things while they are within this dream state. Those whom are infected and manage to break free of these like states before they are killed will regain whatever lost abilities they were unable to use while they were “asleep”. Kokyuteki Fuchi in the scientific state basically sends electromagnetic waves that send the brain waves any message that Amon desires. If he sends commands to the brain telling the brain that the person is dead, then the person within Kokyuteki Fuchi will believe that she/he is dead and die. Whatever you believe is real within the illusion materialization in reality. Kokyuteki Fuchi can also be used to get back someone’s memory, replace memories, and even look into their past or present. Zanpakuto are no immune to Kokyuteki Fuchi's power, while Amon may not be able to enter the worlds of other Zanpakuto; Fuchi's power can.

    Akumoosama (Nightmare King): Is one of the few additional skills Amon can use during Kokyuteki Fuchi. This skill is only used when one breaks free of the Illusion word by either facing their fears or being awaken by another force. The Nightmare King is an ability that Amon takes Fuchi and stabs it directly into the target’s heart. The Target will not suffer any physical damage as the blade enters their heart and is quickly removed. As the sword is removed a gushing aura of golden light trails off the end of the blade and splatters along the ground. The nightmare in which they were once living within a dream state becomes a reality. Once the nightmare has been released Amon has no control over it. The most he can do after he releases it into a physical manifestation is to send it back to its creator in which causes him to stab himself. This results in him injuring himself at a great extent at times if it ever causes for it. At other times the one who he took the nightmare from will destroy the being on its own or they will die taking the nightmare with them.

    Shirokage (White Shadow): The secondary and Amon’s favorite skill to use during his Bankai. This skill allows Amon to physically warp the realities of those whom are inside. During this warp he can take multiple realities and merge them into a single one and even put his own essence into the Reality. Because Amon knows the rules to this world and his Zanpakuto he doesn’t follow the normal rules of reality once he is within a reality. The major give away that he is not real is his shadow. He doesn’t have one during any form of light create unless he is within a shadow, then a pure white shadow appears showing his spiritual body. If this body is injured Amon’s physical body takes the same damage. Although as long as he is within the light his spiritual body is protected and his false reality body remains to be ‘God-like’ to those whom he faces.

Shin’o Academy Database

    KIDO: Amon has considerable knowledge of high level Kido spells, casting several in quick succession, with no incantation and almost no effort, and still possessing formidable power. He has used spells up to level 90, and possesses advanced knowledge of Kido application and consistency. He can use a low-level spell repeatedly in rapid succession and with devastating effects, as well as a counter to attacks. With such skills he is looked at as a Kido Master.

    BAKUDO: Most people who watch Amon use Kido in any way would state that he is a Master in terms of skill and use with them, but in truth Amon looks at himself as an expert as he hasn't mastered all the Kido spells yet learned them. He tends to use more Bakudo than Hado which makes him appear to favor defensive skills rather than offensive, but in truth Amon chooses this method of combat to keep casualty levels as low as possible. Amon only knows Bakudo spells from 1 - 81.

    HADO: Because the Captain doesn't believe in wasting a life unless he's forced into the situation to take a life, he doesn't like to use Hado to kill, in most cases he takes the Hado spells and makes them his own. This alone makes him extremely dangerous. He turns offensive and destructive spells that were created to destroy into spells that protect or defend against other offensive spells. When Amon uses these spells in their true nature as an offensive force they tend to be extremely large and truly destructive; this is all due to his vast amount of spiritual power. Amon is able to use Hado spells from level 1 - 90

    HEALING SPELLS: Amon may be a master of Kido but when it comes to Healing Spells he's completely clueless. During his days in the Academy he was said to lack the patience or drive to heal anything and the more his skills advanced within other fields his scores within the healing department decreased at such a level he can't put a bandage on someone without cutting off the circulation.

    HOHO: Amon is arguably best known for his skill in Shunpo. Having been taught by, but never beating his predecessor he is easily one of the most proficient users of this skill in all of Soul Society. Amon is looked at as a Shunpo Master; even so that he has learned and mastered The Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shiho known as Utsusemi. It allows for movement at great speed, leaving an afterimage behind. As well as Senka A Shunpo technique where one, moving to their opponent's back, directly attacks and seals one's "Saketsu" and "Hakusui" in two rapid strikes (effectively cutting them off from their spiritual energy flow). The technique is so fast, an opponent may not be able to tell whether they were attacked from the front or the back, and even an outside observer may find it impossible see the movements. Although it's widely known that Amon favors Utsusemi above any other Shunpo skills.

    ZANJUTSU: Though he has a personal philosophy that questions the need for violence, Amon is highly proficient in the use of his Zanpakuto. Amon is a master of swordsmanship, possessing flawless precision and performing lethal attacks with little effort. As the Captain of the Sixth Division the motto of Elegance over Strength has always been key. With this, Amon's fighting style reflects that motto and he tends to strike for the kill if he ever draws his sword.

    HAKUDA: While used less often, Amon is highly proficient in this area. Amon stealthily knocked out several Shinigami guards with a single strike each during live combat and training sessions to avoid awakening his Zanpakuto.

    VAST SPIRITUAL POWER: Even by a captain's standards, his Reiryoku is absolutely monstrous. His spiritual energy can affect entire areas to the point of disrupting energy attacks from enemies, and cause others from seemingly miles away to enter a state of paralysis and confusion. When unleashing a strong enough surge of energy, it becomes visible and green in color with a rain like effect as if one was in a hurricane. Amon thinks of his Spiritual Power as a curse given to him which causes him pain due to the seal on his neck. Releasing the four chambers at once causes him so much pain Amon refuses to enter a state where he is forced to go all out against an opponent. To him it has no merit or meaning at that point.

    TACTICIAN: Amon is a highly perceptive fighter, almost immediately determining an opponent's attack patterns and weaknesses. He is a crafty tactician, effectively using Kido to confuse his opponents. He can discern the motives and abilities of his opponents, and effectively uses his knowledge to end the battle in his favor. Amon thinks of battles as if he was playing Go or Chess, which is why he makes use for calling his members either Pawns or Knights depending on strategies he creates for assaults. His keen intellect and cold persona makes him feared among the other Captains.

Private Records of the Soul

PERSONALITY: Amon is not very open to anyone, and sees even the most trifling thing as being annoying. He is not overly fond of children or animals either. He is indifferent, short tempered, and a rational thinker; most of the time he won't fight unless absolutely necessary, even if the others are. He is most easily annoyed by people's constant bickering. Most of the time, he solves this problem by threatening to punish them or drawing his zanpakuto swiftly and points it towards them to get them to shut up. When he is resting, he usually reads the newspaper and drinks a beer or tea. Though the rest of the Division are his only friends, he refuses to admit it; he typically describes them as his servants, and is never grateful no matter how many times they rescue him from death. In particular, he hates being pressed to defend his unusual position as the Captain of a Division that was once in charge of the internal affairs of the Soul Society and was no basically demoted to protecting the lives of Humans which was the job of the Thirteenth Division.

Despite his gruff and impersonal attitude, however, he cares deeply for his companions - though he'd loath to acknowledge it - and is quick to defend others in need. He and his Vice Captain spend the most time together, owing to the fact that they've known each other for so long. Amon often - though grudgingly - takes a parental role in the Lieutenant's life and has been responsible for his upbringing. Though he never actually took Buddhist vows and seems to hold all divinities in contempt, he maintains a few monastic habits. He eats very sparingly and his favorite dish continues to be rice steeped in green tea, a typical monk's meal. He refuses to lecture on religious teachings when asked, but often delivers philosophical points with blunt and direct insight when people need advice. The one teaching of his master's that he continues to hold in high regard is Hold Nothing, a precept that forbids forming any attachments in the material world. He does become aware that he has used this teaching as a defense against forming friendships or emotional attachments, for fear of losing them as he did his master, but it is uncertain whether or not this awareness changes his opinion of the teaching.

He hates rain, as it reminds him of the rainy night when his master was killed. On rainy nights he never sleeps, and sits up all night smoking and brooding. During prolonged spells of wet weather he refuses to eat and loses so much sleep that it becomes a point of anxiety to all.

    LIKES: There are few things in the world Amon likes to do mainly in his free time and that's read and smoke. He tends to drink beer on his off days but that's not a real necessity. The Captain tends to keep a pack of cigarettes on him at all times. He only smokes a specific brand found in the 64th East District of Rukongai called Dragon Smokes. People who ask for a cigarette from him nags about the poor quality and how cheap they are, but Amon explains there is more to the world than quality and how one views something in terms of class.

    DISLIKES: Amon dislikes a lot of things about the world, the first thing on his list is children, followed by animals, and the last thing on his list being those who break the law.

    HATES: Amon doesn't hate anyone or anything in particular, but due to his attitude about things and life most of the time people assume Amon hates everything about the world and life. The Sixth Division Captain tends to complain about his new duties with protecting the dying human race due to the large amount of Hollows. So if anything he hate the Head Captain's choice for putting his division in charge of something that the 13th Division use to be charged with and something the 11th Division could have picked up on.

    HOBBIES: Hobbies...Amon tends to play games that he can put money on, which is anything. He likes to play things like Mahjong, Shogi, Chess, and Xiangqi. Although he does tend to play poker a lot but its not his favorite. He'd rather play a game where he can easily read his opponent and not put his money on chance. For Amon doesn't believe in fate, just win or lose; life or death.

    BIOGRAPHY – SOUL REAPER ACADEMY: The infant was placed in a basket left floating in a river. Before he could drown he was saved by a man named Rashid Ishtar. Rashid named the boy Amon, which means The Hidden One, and took him to the Ishtar temple. From that time on he raised the boy like his own son and Amon came to love and respect Rashid. Amon was raised under the teaching of Buddhism and a monk but even as a monk he came to realize that there came times where they had to defend themselves and others; because of this Amon spent countless hours training, preparing to take over the leadership of the temple one day. On days where Amon was doing basic tasks around the temple Riku Hiwatari the Captain of the Sixth Division would come often to visit mainly to speak with Rashid but he would come by once a month just to see Amon and perform a playful game of Shogi with him. The true reason behind coming to the temple was by request of Rashid to view the process of Amon’s training as well as the numerous damages he caused in his sleep. At one point during a nightmare Amon’s spiritual pressure destroyed the roof of the whole temple. This brought the Ishtar group to create a specialized seal for Amon in which they used kido to burn directly into his soul which would react and cause him extreme amounts of pain.

    Twenty-two years later Amon had received a special admission into the Soul Reaper Academy. With Amon’s natural talent, he quickly entered the Shingami Academy and graduated early despite his age at the time. Although it wasn’t as flawless as some of his class members would have claimed it was for him. He struggled so much at basic healing that the instructor wrote on his final exam that he’d be more useful as a poison than a sword. Amon didn’t understand the words until he joined the Ninth Division.

    BIOGRAPHY – DIVISION OF JUSTICE: His feeling for justice, have always been very strict and never forgave those who would mess with that. After spending twenty years in the Ninth Division he asked the Head Captain for a personal transfer to the Stealth Force. Agree to transfer Satoshi he met with the Captain of the second division and signed the papers to become a member of the Second Division. But before he could become a member of the Stealth Force a war took place. The Great Ash War is what people were calling it. Even though the world was being turned upside down and changing for a different future Amon couldn’t do more than his job and protect as many people as he could with his abilities as the fourth seat of the Ninth Division. Soon after what seemed like more than a lifetime and the disappearance of many Captains, Amon was summoned to the Great Hall within the First Division. During his meeting with the Head Captain he was praised on his skills for protecting those around him and for showing great courage in times where others forgot what the word meant.

    BIOGRAPHY – A NEW WORLD ORDER: Ten years after his meeting with the Head Captain, Amon was given a new assignment and his request to join the Second Division was denied by the new Captain in charge. Amon agreed with the outcome but only because he was himself thinking of removing his request to join. Aside from receiving word that his request was revoked he was presented with a Captain Haori by Rashid on his journey back to the temple to check on everyone. Rashid explained to Amon that due to his bravery and attempt to protect Riku his last request before dying was to make him the new Captain of the Sixth Division. After accepting the Haori four other Captains appeared around Amon as witnesses including the Head Captain. This day marked the arrival of a new Captain of the Soul Society. Captain Ishtar. It also marked the arrival of the man who would be known as The Prince of Terror.