For a time, the Kagatiri were considered one of the most powerful families of the Demon Hunter Organization and one of the Hundred Ancient Families. The main purpose of the organization is simple: destroy demons or demon hybrids that have thick demon blood as they see them as an abnormality that must be corrected. A Demon is a disruption and Demon Hunters are gathering of those who fix the disruption within nature but they can’t fix the disruption within humans. Because the Demon Hunters are an organization in the lawful spell branch, created by humans to protect the human society, as such they are not supposed to hurt humans. For that reason, they have had a difficult time against demon hybrids as they are not a disruption. However the Kagatiri were different and didn’t follow this law. The Kagatiri used their talents in order to eliminate not just Demons but other Magi. Their nickname or better known as their title was and is still today is “The Clan of Magic Swordsmen”. The Kagatiri Clan was renowned for using personal Speed and Weight Magic in close quarters combat by utilizing advance principles of Material Transmutation Magic. The Kagatiri Family’s strength lay not in the fact they could adeptly use spells, but in the new system they pioneered for the training and development of close combat Magicians.

They use to make some close combat weapons and this was their main source of income. At one point they were known to forge the strongest weapons. This forging was the secret weapon and it was the source of their pride. However due to their crimes the Kagatiri were hunted down and slaughtered and only a handful were said to have survived.

Magus Seal Location: Spinal Cord
Magus Seal Spells:
  • Iron Blood Transformation, is the pride and joy of the Kagatiri Family that takes the basic principals of Reinforcement Magic for increasing their speed and weight in close quarters combat. The spell itself is directly casted onto the user’s blood rather than the user which causes the blood vessels to draw lines of power on their face. These lines of power differ from each user, but they are specified for the user in terms of what they believe makes them the most powerful. The spell is activated by passing Prana through their Magus Seal and reciting an incantation of power that brings for these lines of power. The Iron Blood Transformation was and is to this day feared among the Magi community as its power allowed the user to increase their physical combat skills beyond human possibilities. The Iron Blood Transformation is overall activated by extreme mental concentration that optimizes and redefines the user’s entire body system. The Transformation substantially improves the user’s combat skills allowing them to fight against higher skilled opponents. One of the major drawbacks to the spell is the fact it drains a large amount of energy from the user and having it activated for extended periods of time will require a large amount of Prana. When the spell is activated, the user will be engulfed in a crimson aura of Prana, and blood begins to run down their face in the given lines of power which will burn with the same crimson aura. These burning lines make it difficult to rub off the blood without the user’s say so. The user’s eyes and hair both also change colors, and this change in appearance differs by the user. Another drawback to this spell is that it makes the user more susceptible to poison, as the spell improves their respiratory system which would increase the flow of any poison inside them. In order to activate the spell the user must use the incantation: ”I am steel. Steel knows no fear . Steel knows no doubt. When faced with my enemy, I hesitate not. I am a weapon to destroy these. Iron Blood Transformation!”

Prana Usage:
  • Magic Crest can be activated for 10 post by using 50 Prana every 10 post. However each post a crest spell is used the payment is required.
  • When using the Iron Blood Transformation the user can only increase two Parameters at a single time. In order to activate another Parameter the user will have to end their current increase.
  • Iron Blood Transformation: Double Agility Parameters uses 50 units of Prana
  • Iron Blood Transformation: Triple Agility Parameters uses 200 units of Prana
  • Iron Blood Transformation: Quadruple Agility Parameters uses 400 units of Prana
  • Iron Blood Transformation: Double Physical Strength Parameters uses 50 units of Prana
  • Iron Blood Transformation: Triple Physical Strength Parameters uses 300 units of Prana
  • Iron Blood Transformation: Quadruple Physical Strength Parameters uses 500 units of Prana
  • Iron Blood Transformation: Double Endurance Parameters uses 100 units of Prana
  • Iron Blood Transformation: Triple Endurance Parameters uses 200 units of Prana
  • Iron Blood Transformation: Quadruple Endurance Parameters uses 400 units of Prana

  • Material Transmutation Magecraft is required
  • Character may create spells that use the Kagatiri magic along with their Magecraft
  • In order to use Iron Blood Transformation the user’s Physical Strength must be 50
  • In order to use Iron Blood Transformation the user’s Agility must be 30