Amon Ishtar
Embrace nothing. If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. If you meet your father, kill your father. Only live your life as it is, not bound to anything.

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        Full Name: Amon Ishtar
        Aliases: Amon goes by a few aliases in which he is proud to have the people of the Soul Society call him, due to his triumphs and victories in combat as well as his rule over the thirteen court squads. The Prince of Terror or sometimes known as the Prince of Fear is more of a title than a nickname. Amon acquired it during his years at the Soul Reaper Academy. He was given this name while he was a member of a small four man squad known as Fragarach. At that time Amon was known for his cold hearted attitude and cruelty he exhibited throughout his term at the academy during missions, sparing, and other exercises. A few years later Amon achieved another nickname as the fifth seat of the Second Division; The Blood Stained Monk. Amon’s very own upbringing brought forth half of this name, because technically although he doesn’t act like it, he is still a monk. During the Third Blood War Rebellion of the Seireitei, it is said that Amon slaughtered over one thousand souls over the course of a single week. They say Amon was found bathing in a sea of blood of all his victims with no traces of fear, sadness, or even enjoyment. Throughout the Soul Society he is more famous for the name Dragon Slayer, although this nickname is more geared towards his Zanpakuto rather than himself. Those who have managed to see Amon’s release state have never lived to tell the tale or they have been too afraid of the Ishtar Curse to even speak of it. Finally comes the nicknames in which he’s called by those whom are a little closer to him, Phony Priest is a name that comes to mind. Amon has been called a Phony Priest ever since he entered the Academy. Due to his negative habits and attitude, no one believes he’s even a monk half the time. His lack of compassion and cruel sense of responsibility brings forth this image. Those whom are closest to Amon have been able to call him this and walk away alive. Some other names he’s been called are Droopy Eyes and Baldy Head; these all being childish insults due to the stereotype of monks shaving their head and the fact Amon always looks angry or sad, thus the name droopy eyes.
        Birthday: November Twenty-ninth [ 29 ]
        Appearance Age: Unlike those who were born in the Soul Society and have the ability to age normally as time goes on with the decrease effect time has on their aging, Amon's physical body remains that of the age in which he died which is twenty-five years old [ 25 ].
        Actual Age: Due to the fact aging within the Soul Society is a lot slower than that of the human world, Amon doesn't take on the appearance of one who is truly old; a man that is free from time is how most of the members of his division sees him. Amon is 666 years old. The things he has seen and has been through during his years at the Academy and even as a rookie in the thirteen courts is hidden within the years of his very existence.

        Ethnicity: Egyptian
        Gender: Male
        Sexual Orientation: Even if it was obvious, Amon would never admit to it. Although the facts stand, he has an attraction for men
        Reiatsu Color: Emperor Jade
        Reiatsu Appearance: When completely releasing his spiritual energy a large shockwave emanates from his body in multiple pulse like surges. As the shockwaves lower in velocity a large jade colored eight headed serpent resonates around his body. If this serpent comes in contact with any individual, either friend or foe, it causes a psychological effect of a one minute hellish nightmare of either being devoured whole or the limbs touched by the creature being completely severed. This large snake works as a spiritual exoskeleton of sorts as well, allowing him to protect himself from most physical and spiritual attacks from time to time.

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        Height: 176.5 CM [ 5 Feet 9 Inches ]
        Weight: 64 KG [ 141 LBS ]
        Blood Type: A
        Eye Color: Violet
        Hair Color: Platinum Blond
        Tattoos / Piercings: Amon has four piercings, three on his left ear cartilage and one on his right on the lobe of his ear. He bares the Ishtar Seal on the left side of his neck originally used to suppress his overpowering and suffocating Immense Reiryoku. The tattoo is linked directly to Amon's Reiryoku and the daggers along the tattoo will connect to the center of the crest in the form of locks showing the different levels of control. When the levels of spiritual energy reach massive capacity a dagger will be forced out of the center. Once all four daggers are forced back from the center Amon's immense amount of Reiryoku releases itself. Originally was wild and uncontrollable, but now at this point has become tamed to his will. This level of spiritual power has a possible tendency to leak from his body and when released can affect the surrounding area in a destructive way. The tattoo only makes Amon appear to have a masterful control over his massive spiritual power, as it can affect those around him unintentionally due to his true inability to control his own energy.

        Division: First Division
        Position / Seat: Head Captain
        Appearance: Amon is of relatively average height and athletically wiry, although he's usually enveloped in his very loose Shikigami garb. He has snow white blond hair kept vaguely short and violet eyes, and is considered to be strikingly attractive. Draped over the shoulders of the robe is his Captain's Haori.

        Underneath the robes, usually when entering a human skin for undercover assignments he is seen wearing simple blue-jeans and a thin, tight-fitting mock-turtleneck with not sleeves, with black finger-less gloves connecting to slave-rings on each hand. He's got a decent handful of scars, mostly not visible in his normal dress, all of which are fairly old. He originally wore black tabi socks and straw sandals on his feet, but later switched to black boots. It was also hinted that Amon may be farsighted as he's always seen wearing glasses when his reading the newspaper or scriptures.

Shinigami Uniform Changes:
        Shitagi: Standard issue in terms of coloration but in terms of length and style it is modified; Sleeveless
        Kosode: Standard issue in terms of coloration but in terms of length and style it is modified; Sleeveless
        Hakama: Standard issue
        Hakama-himo: Emerald Green Sash
        Tabi: Standard issue
        Waraji: Standard issue or Black Combat Boots
        Haori: Sleeveless, drapes over his shoulders with Sea -Green lining on the inside to match his eyes.

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        Tactician: Amon is a highly perceptive fighter, almost immediately determining an opponent's attack patterns and weaknesses. He is a crafty tactician, effectively using Kido to confuse his opponents. He can discern the motives and abilities of his opponents, and effectively uses his knowledge to end the battle in his favor. Amon thinks of battles as if he was playing Go or Chess, which is why he makes use for calling his members either Pawns or Knights depending on strategies he creates for assaults. His keen intellect and cold persona makes him feared among the other Captains.

      • Though, he has a personal philosophy that questions the need for violence, Amon is highly proficient in the use of his Zanpakuto. Amon is more an expert of swordsmanship, possessing flawless precision and performing lethal attacks with little effort, for his skills are with a lance rather than a sword. As the Captain of the First Division the motto of Elegance over Strength has always been key. With this, Amon's fighting style reflects that motto and he tends to strike for the kill if he ever draws his sword.

      • Amon is arguably best known for his skill in Shunpo. Having been taught by, but never beating his predecessor he is easily one of the most proficient users of this skill in all of Soul Society. Amon is looked at as a Shunpo Master; even so that he has learned and mastered The Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shiho known as Utsusemi. It allows for movement at great speed, leaving an afterimage behind. As well as Senka A Shunpo technique where one, moving to their opponent's back, directly attacks and seals one's "Saketsu" and "Hakusui" in two rapid strikes (effectively cutting them off from their spiritual energy flow). The technique is so fast, an opponent may not be able to tell whether they were attacked from the front or the back, and even an outside observer may find it impossible see the movements. Although it's widely known that Amon favors Utsusemi above any other Shunpo skills.

      • Amon has considerable knowledge of high level Kido spells, casting several in quick succession, with no incantation and almost no effort, and still possessing formidable power. He has used spells up to level 90, and possesses advanced knowledge of Kido application and consistency. He can use a low-level spell repeatedly in rapid succession and with devastating effects, as well as a counter to attacks. At times Amon’s combat style makes him appear to specialize in Kido rather than Zanjutsu or Hakudo, or even Hoho for that matter.

      • Because the Captain doesn't believe in wasting a life unless he's forced into the situation to take a life, he doesn't like to use Hado to kill, in most cases he takes the Hado spells and makes them his own. This alone makes him extremely dangerous. He turns offensive and destructive spells that were created to destroy into spells that protect or defend against other offensive spells. When Amon uses these spells in their true nature as an offensive force they tend to be extremely large and truly destructive; this is all due to his vast amount of spiritual power.

      • Most people who watch Amon use Kido in any way would state that he is a Master in terms of skill and use with them, but in truth Amon looks at himself as an expert as he hasn't mastered all the Kido spells yet, although he has learned of most of them. He tends to use more Bakudo than Hado which makes him appear to favor defensive skills rather than offensive, but in truth Amon chooses this method of combat to keep casualty levels as low as possible.

        Healing Spells:
      • Amon may be seen as a master of Kido (at least people believe he is) but when it comes to Healing Spells he's completely clueless. During his days in the Academy he was said to lack the patience or drive to heal anything and the more his skills advanced within other fields his scores within the healing department decreased at such a level he can't put a bandage on someone without cutting off the circulation.

      • While used less often, Amon is highly proficient in this area, ignoring the fact he used to be a member of the Second Division. This Captain has never really been a fan of hand to hand combat, yet when it comes down to defending himself without a weapon he’s able to do such. Amon stealthily knocked out several Shinigami guards with a single strike each, during live combat and training sessions to avoid awakening his Zanpakuto. But even then they were surprise attacks with the succession of Hoho.

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        Zanpakuto Name: Bachiatari Bosatsu (Cursed Goddess)
        Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: (Physical Description and Image Link)
        Zanpakuto Spirit True Appearance: (Physical Description and Image Link)
        Zanpakuto Inner World: The inner world of Amon’s Bachiatrai Bosatsu, is known as the Forest of Einnashe or more commonly known as Disemboweling Sea of Trees, Living Forest, and the Predator forest. The forest itself is said to have a mind and will, it does not appear to display sentience, and it only attacks and reacts upon instinct. The forest doesn’t distinguish between friend or foe, making everything that sets foot within it as mere food. It’s able to sense those capable of killing it, causing the forest to behave or strike after the target has been weakened. Einnashe has the form of a black forest, best described as an alien world shrouded by darkness even in daylight, fifty kilometers in diameter. It’s always raining within Einnashe, which reflects the sorrow of Amon’s heart. Once the forest is active, blood from the victims of Bachiatari Bosatsu flows through the forest; causing its entirety to flash with a dark-red coloration resembling an animal’s innards. During this stage it’s said the forest growls and the smell of the dead linger. This Forest is actually an illusion of sorts and is really the belly of the Snake spirit of the Forest; Bachiatari Bosatsu herself.
        Zanpakuto Personality: (Minimum of One Paragraph)
        Zanpakuto Seal Appearance: In its sealed form, Bachiatari Bosatsu resembles a wakizashi with an emerald and crimson hilt reminiscent of a Chinese Dao. It is kept sheathed horizontally behind Amon’s lower back ganging by a chain.
        Release Command: “Kuikorosu” (Devour)

        Shikai Information:
        Shikai Release Appearance: It is triggered by the command “Devour”. Grasping onto Bachiatari Bosatsu with his right hand and dragging his index and middle figure of his left hand across the face of the blade, the entire sword glows red and expands in size. When the emitted glow dies out, it is revealed that Bachiatari Bosatsu has taken the form of a crimson lance.
        Shikai Appearance: Bachiatari Bosatsu has now taken the form of a red, two meter long lance with an ominous design that looks like veins or a snake coiling around the body of the lance. The colors and pattern of the Shikai resembles blood and the system it travels. The lance has two blades one at the head that has a section of serrated edges and then a smaller blade at the end of the lance used to strike unaware enemies and rear targets.
        Shikai Special Ability: Ath nGabla (Ford of the Forked Branch; Shoal of Four Branches), as the name suggest, it takes place over a course of four steps. The original purpose of Bachiatari Bosatsu was capture and interrogate before killing its target. With that being said its special ability Ath nGabla makes it one of the most dangerous Zanpakuto ever created. For any target that is so much scratched with Bachiatari Bosatsu’s blade will start suffering the effects. Ath nGabla takes four steps to crush its target. Like a predator it likes to have a chase before devouring the target whole. First, the target will suffer from a slight numbness in the target zone of the wound, the second stage happens within a few minutes of the first which is paralysis of the body which moves from a single location to the whole body. The paralysis is rather interesting as it severs the brain signals controlling the neural impulses for movement in the limbs of the victim, regardless of where they were struck. But, unlike regular paralysis, the pain receptors and nerve endings are unaffected by the weapon, so the victim can still feel pain, even in a paralyzed state. The third stage is destruction of motor functions and blindness, this still leaving the sense of touch and hearing uninterrupted, forcing the opponent to endure whatever pain and torture the wielder of Bachiatari Bosatsu wishes. The fifth and final stage is Corrosion of the internal organs and quickly eating through the skin leaving nothing but dust behind. During the corrosion process the target will feel as if their body has been set on fire from the inside, causing their bones to deteriorate rapidly along with their organs, giving off a scent that smells like burnt popcorn before they begin to vomit blood and chunks of their organs that catch a fiery blaze as they touch the ground. The blood they voit starts to solidify and crumble into ash; once this happens the flesh begins to fall apart and within seconds the body falls apart to bone and then it turns to ash. What makes Ath nGabla so dangerous is the fact that even though it moves in stages these stages increase by the number of times a target is cut or stabbed with Bachiatari Bosatsu. If a target was to be stabbed, cut, or even scratched three times in a row during a single assault then the effects would skip the first two stages and jump right into the third stage. In a normal combat situation after just a single scratch the effects would take less than a few seconds before activating within the target and moving through their system. Fifteen Minutes (20 Post) is all the target has before they die from Stage Four. Stage two starts after just five minutes (5 Post), next stage three (5 Post later), and finally stage four (5 post after that). Bachiatari Bosatsu effects can be disrupted as long as the target who, is infected has superior Reiatsu than the wielder of Bachiatari Bosatsu. The other method to end the effects of Bachiatari Bosatsu’s poison is to force the Zanpakuto back into its seal form. The mechanics behind Bachiatari Bosatsu’s ability takes effect not through the point of entry, but rather the point of actual surface contact. This ability is caused by venom that Bachiatari Bosatsu secretes. When it enters the target’s body, it spreads throughout their body in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, destroying it without a trace. The effect of the poison takes slightly longer to work for those who have enhanced spiritual power. Ath nGabla can also be used as a counter-poison for the wielder by stabbing, cutting, or scratching themselves with Bachiatari Bosatsu.

        Shikai Attacks:
      • Ehwaz (Thrust)
        Ehwaz (Thrust), also called Spear of Impaling Barbed Death; is an attack focused on a single target, created by Amon to model the serpent spirit he possesses and his own style, that strikes a fatal blow that seeks and always pierces the opponent’s heart and ruins their body from within with its thousand iron thorns. It literally freezes the Reishi in the air, and it can easily be perceived as a sure-kill technique by all those around simply from being charged with Reishi. Once Ehwaz has been called out the cursed spear reverses the nature of causality, the meaning of “cause and effect”, and the order of things, to make it so the cause of the “lance being thrust” comes from the effect of the “opponent’s heart being pierced” by it. The blade of the lance viberates rapidly as it gains a blood red aura that changes to green once all the reishi is “frozen”. The sound of snakes hissing is the last component before a strike. The striking range of Ehwaz is low, so it can be avoided by opponents that stay out of the range of the lance itself which is 2 meters.
      • Berkano (Birch Goddess)
        Berkano (Birch Goddess) is Amon’s second most used technique and he tends to use it in succession to Ehwaz. Berkano causes the lance to move at impossible angles, signified by turning into a red beam of light, which always manages to reach its target. Even if Amon thrust directly at the opponent’s feet, it will immediately point upwards towards the heart growing and bending without any movements from Amon. This skill, like Ehwaz can only be used against living beings, so it would have no particular effect against inanimate objects causing it to change routes to reach the target at an impossible angle for any normal lance. Berkano is known as the reflects and elegant dance of snakes in the eyes of Amon.
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        Bankai Information:
        Bankai Name: WordsHere
        Bankai Appearance: WordsHere
        Bankai Special Ability: WordsHere

        Bankai Attacks:
      • Ansuz-Eihwaz (Flying Red Branch Lance)
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