Name: Slyphnir
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: N/A
Age (appearance, not actual): young
Species: Dragon
Hair: N/A (but her scales are a deep blue and her tummy scales are a light blue and her claws and horns are silvery)
Eyes: lilac (light purple)
skin-tone: blue
Weight: light
Height: average (ya know for a baby dragon… well we think so at least… she and her brother are about the same size so… yeah… )
Body: umm… young dragon like… ?
Weapon(s): Teeth, Claws, tail on accident, (she wags it like a dog when she is happy and accidentally hits whoever is near) fire breath (she has a lot less trouble with it than Draknir and will sometimes give him a light as long as he isn’t aiming at her)
Markings: none
Jewelry: none
Clothing styles: none
Make-up: none
Other form(s): none yet
Turn-ons: N/A
Family: Draknir is her nest/litter mate (brother) they both view all the dragon shifters (Order, Asheron, Chaos, Discord) as mentors, the shifters (the ones that aren’t specifically dragon, IE. Seth, Loki, Kaju) are the ones for some reason they feel closest to (Loki and Seth the most) they try to sleep near Loki and when he won’t let them Ba’ast makes Seth because they pout so cute and she can’t say no. Ba’ast, Yamatra and Destiny they kind of view as motherly figures, they are usually the ones to discipline them and feed them and what not.
Relationships: none really other than what is described above
Personality: she is more reserved than her brother, she likes to observe from a distance till Draknir lets her know everything is safe. Once she gets to know you tho it is like having a little scaley dog roaming around… minus the barking… she does growl and she likes playing with the hell hounds

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