Name: Evelyn Cielvay
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age (appearance, not actual): Early to Mid-20s
Birthday/sign: Late Winter
Species: Elvin Royalty (second Queen, Birth Mother to the Triplets and Odessa)
Hair: light (not platinum) blonde, that she usually keeps braided, and she usually has a braid that starts at her bangs, and goes around the left side of her head and gets secured either in with the rest of her hair or as a separate braid behind her ear. It hangs down to just above her bum.
Ears: His ears are at least twice as long as a human's, they do not go up, they go back, and they to come to a point at the end. think Link like from the Legend of Zelda series.
Eyes: Forest green
skin-tone: light peach
Weight: light
Height: shortest out of Cyrus and his mates (Zexus and Odessa are also taller than she is, Zex by at least a head and Odessa by a few inches)
Body: petite, graceful
Weapon(s): none
Markings: none
Jewelry: will wear all types of jewelry, usually in gold, her crown looks like This only the gem is a deep green, the metal is gold, and it looks like it is made of vines
Clothing styles: velyn is the type that loves to get dressed up just roam the manor. She likes ornate flowing gowns, that hug her curves (but that don’t show too much skin) she doesn’t like pants and will only wear them when riding (she usually rides in leather pants boots, and a tunic that goes almost to her knees) she will wear heels but prefers boots or slip ons
Make-up: little blush, little eye shadow to match her outfits, little lipstick
Other form(s): none
Turn-ons: in short, Cyrus. ^^;
Family: Husband: Cyrus, Sons: Zexus, Devan, and Galvyn, Daughters: Odessa and Autumn. (she gave birth to all except Zexus) She also considers Cecilia and Keir as family, closer than brother and sister… more like other parts of Cyrus, (they view her in similar light) she would never sleep with either of them, but they are all very close.
Relationships: Cyrus
Personality: she is very shy and soft spoken, once you get to know her she opens up a little more, but not much. The other elves say in private she can be quite the chatterbox tho. She comes off as very gentle and caring. She also loves to knit and sew (it gives her something to do) and she hand makes most of Autumn’s dresses and the other’s tunics.