Name: Ias Fairfyre
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: N/A
Age (appearance, not actual): a few months old…
Species: Phoenix
Hair: Firey red (when he finally is able to shift into a person, but as of right now his feathers are the same color, except his tail feathers which are red, but they blend into an orange towards the middle and on the ends there is a spot that looks like a small yellow gem)
Eyes: Ruby red
skin-tone: Pink right now in his baby Phoenix form, but Ra says when he is able to take on human form he will have a light tan
Weight: super light (phoenix form)
Height: 1 ½ ft tall (phoenix form)
Body: small, soft and fluffy
Weapon(s): he can breathe fire, and set himself a blaze, when he sets himself on fire the only ones who can touch or handle him without getting burned or catching fire themselves are Ra and Sol.
Markings: none
Jewelry: none
Clothing styles: none
Make-up: none
Other form(s): none yet (human form eventually)
Turn-ons: N/A
Family: Sol is his person, and Ias views Sol like his mommy, Sol takes care of him, feeds him, protects him, makes sure he is comfortable during the day (on Sol’s head) and at night he sleeps by Sol’s head on his pillow (and Sol is such a good little mommy) Ra is considered Family, but more like a mentor. Ias is also very close with Sol and Ra’s respective families, he usually doesn’t leave Sol’s head, but he doesn’t mind being around the families as long as no one tries to pick him up but Sol or Ra
Relationships: Sol and Ra. His mommy and mentor respectively, he never gets far from Sol.
Personality: he is a very talkative little bird, for still being so young, and Sol is learning slowly to tell what he is saying (well the gist of it at least)