Name: Rei Hino
Name Meaning: Soul fire
Birthday: April 17
Blood type: AB
Appearance: Long, black hair and purple eyes. Being a shinto priestess, she
will be seen often wearing her red and white miku robes.
Likes: Manga, anime, making melodies for her poems, blowfish (and nabe/soup).
Dislikes: Canned asparagus and cooking.
Strong Points: Spiritual/psychic powers.
Has Trouble With: Temper and a little clumsy.
Dream: To become the head priest of the family shrine, a singer/songwriter, model, and voice actress.
Personality: Stern, very serious at times, but also has a fiery temper.
Personal History: Lives at a shinto shrine with her grandfather. Mother died during her childhood, father is a politician (from what Rei says, is more interested in politics than family affairs).

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Mars
Realm of Influence: Fire
Transformation: Mars power, Make Up!
Colors:Red and purple.
Sailor Outfit:
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Civilian outfit: civilian

Weapons: Paper charms.
Items: Transformation pen.

1-Fire Ignite
Fireball shoots out in front of Sailor Mars towards an enemy, burning or destroying (depends on how weak opponent is to fire attacks).
species: Human
how did you come to be in the forest? Warped there with the power of the millennium crystal after the fight with Queen Baryl and Sailor Moon.