Name: Makoto Kino
Name Meaning: Wisdom of the trees
Birthday: December 5
Blood type: O
Appearance: Green eyed, slightly long, curly brown hair kept in a ponytail. Wears sporty and/or tomboyish clothes, sometimes wears very feminine clothing.
Likes: Home economics (especially cooking), sports, and flowers.
Dislikes: Rude people (or people that like to pick on the weak for fights).
Strong Points: Physical strength, very reliable person, and has good heart.
Has Trouble With: Her temper and staying out of fights.
Dream: To become a florist or a chef.
Personality: A little hot-headed but is a caring person nonetheless.
Personal History: Transfer student to Crossroads Jr. High after being expelled from her last school for getting into a fight. Being an orphan, Makoto lives alone and takes care of herself. Also is a reincarnate from the Moon Kingdom and one of the protectors of both the moon princes and the millennium crystal.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Jupiter
Realm of Influence: Electricity and nature
Transformation: Jupiter Power, make up!
Colors: Green and pink.
Sailor Outfit:
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Civilian outfit: clothes

Weapons: Jupiter sword
Items: Jupiter transformation pen

1-Supreme Thunder
Calls down lightning with the rod that extends from her tiara.
2-Jupiter Thunder Clap (sword attack)
A green sonic wave able to do heavy damage if it hits (linear direction)
3-Jupiter Dragon Slash
This creates a green dragon of light that destroys or hurts a foe

species: human
how did you come to be in the forest? Warped there by the power of the millennium crystal after the battle with Queen Beryl.