Name:Ami Mizuno
Name Meaning: Beautiful Water Dweller
Birthday: September 10
Blood-type: A
Appearance: Short, wavy blue hair with blue eyes.
Likes: Reading, chess, sandwiches, math, swimming, and video games.
Dislikes: Hamachi (yellowtail tuna), and love letters.
Strong Points: Intellect, is the main strategist for the senshi.
Has Trouble With: Physical strength (sometimes has to even be helped out by Sailor Jupiter during a fight).
Dream: To become a doctor
Personality: A bit shy but well mannered. She takes her studies very seriously, even coming out as first in regional exams.
Personal History: A daughter to a single mother, she grew up with the dream of following in her mother's foot steps into medicine.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Super Sailor Mercury
Realm of Influence: Ice and Water
Transformation: Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up!
Colors: Blue and white
Sailor Outfit:
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Civilian outfit:

Weapons: N/A
Items: Crystal change rod

1-Mercury Bubble Blast
Works as something of a smoke screen
2-Shine Aqua Illusion
Freezes an enemy/target solid.
3-Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
Mercury plays a lyre that materializes from water, it can freeze, destroy, or weaken a foe.

species: Human
how did you come to be in the forest? Warped there after the battle with Queen Baryl