Something's bothering Ellie. She... she hasn't smiled the way she normally does in a while. Not since we popped over to C City for the weekend.
I'm worried about her.

I'm afraid... I'm afraid I said something stupid or did something stupid to make her sad and she won't tell me. It's not like when she's mad at me. That I know due to the pink grungies. But it just doesn't seem like her heart's in a lot of things lately.

Magnus said she's probably homesick. She hasn't seen her daddy or step-momma in a while. May have to ask Bossman for an advance so I can get her a ticket home for a bit.

I probably need to see my folks soon too. It's been almost three years. I keep meaning to call, to write home, but I never seem to have time to. I haven't heard anything, so who knows who's come and who's gone?

Man, put it like that, it's kind of depressing...