I hate the cold, I hate the cold, I -eurgh.

Boss wants us to stay put for the winter. Eugh. This place is nice and all, but it's cold.
I just want somewhere nice and sunny. Florida. Cali. I could live with that.
But noooooo, we have to stay here.

Ellie says I need to stop being such a baby, but gaaaaaah. She's lived in Florida almost all her life, she doesn't know how nasty it gets. Snow's nice, but slush, sleet, and ice? Nononononono.

Fyodor says it's like spring compared to where he's from. And Magnus, just to prove a point, went skinny-dipping off one of the piers on Halloween. God, talk about your scary sights. (OF course, his b***h-a** is sick. I've been listening to him whine for the last two days. Bobby Jo told him to suck it up and slathered him with Vicks. The whole trailer smells like old man now.)


Stopped by Ellie's and Dulcie's trailer earlier. The kiddo had her ofrenda out for her aunt and grandma. Man, now that's a way to be memorialized.
Food, flowers, and happy memories.

Kinda a dark thing to think, but I wonder if I've left enough stuff for my family remember me happily by. I keep putting off calling them, but I dunno if they'd be angry or happy to hear from me now.