Blood splattered across the room and across his body and face. A womans head flew across the room and into a fire. The body laid on the ground. The gun was picked up and the his sword was put away. He walked over to the table that was tipped over in the struggle. A book with symbols covered the book. "Damn witches and there magic. Oh well time to go collect my reward." The man walked out of the house and let the fire take blaze to the old house. Making his way back into the town Zak carried the book from the witches and threw it on the ground. The people from the village walked out and saw the man standing there covered in blood. When they saw the book everyone cheered and started screaming. The mayor of the town came out and handed the man his money. "Thank you witch hunter. You are welcome back any time you please." The man smiled and walked off. As he made his way out of town he stopped by a watering hole to clean up. As he stripped down he dove into the water and began cleaning himself. When he swam back out he dressed and pulled out a journal from his father. As he read it he threw it to his things and leaned against the tree. His snow white eyes closed as he scratched his head playing with his white hair. "All these damn witches and none of them know where that weapon is." He laid his head back and against the tree and closed his eyes. Twiggs began to snap and the wind began to whip. He opened his eyes and sighed. "Ah crap....she's here."