Zak looked all around seeing nothing. The building was dark but noise was everywhere. Zak we need to move quickly if we wait any longer we are gonna get hit. Since your bleeding I doubt you can take another hit. Zak looked at his scythe and winced. "We have to get this soul if we don't we're going to be behind everyone else." A snap startled Zak as he swung the scythe around nailing a demon in the throat. The demon dropped and the scythe turned into a human. Bryan looked at Zak and sighed. "Listen man we need to be more careful around here. We got lucky Zak. Next time we may not make it." The young man knelt down next to Zak. Zak's blue eyes peered through his messy white hair. Bryan starred back with his green eyes. The two smiled at each other as Bryan helped Zak move out of the house.

The next day Zak woke up in the academys doctors office. Bryan right next to him. "Hey man how ya feeling?"
"Bryan the pain in my side is killing me but I feel we are gonna need another mission soon."
"Zak your hurt and the new intern said you can't leave for a few days." Zak looked at Bryan and sighed as the door clicked open and the new intern came in with a wonderful smile