"He's one of them. That child is a nephilim. That demon Ryze. Banish him, make sure his pain repeats over and over again.."
"And the angel Dark Master?"
"Bring the whore to me. Ryze will suffer watching me rape then kill his lover."
"The child my lord? What shall I do to him."
"Let him live. When he is old enough we will come for him. He won't know who or what he is till his eighteenth birthday."

Eighteen years later.

An iPhone began blowing up with messages at midnight. Rolling over, a hand slid from under the blanket and clicked the phone to silent. The hand crept back under the blanket as the bed laid motionless. The boy in the bed stayed asleep refusing to get up. After all he just played a basketball game that put his team into the championship. He would love to enjoy his weekend. After he fell asleep the dreams came. The same ones he's always had but tonight is different.

Zak......Zak........Zak........Zak.........Do you know what you are Zak? Zak...............Come to me Zak I'll show you what you are. The chase began. Zak ran after the voice in the darkness. Nothing was stopping him. That is until there was a door in the way and he slammed into it.

The alarm on the phone went off and Zak shot up out of bed landing on the floor. He looked around but saw nothing. Zak rubbed his head and sighed. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs. As the door opened a middle aged woman walked in with a huge smile. "Happy birthday honey. Your uncle and I have some breakfast for you." Zak smiled as his navy blue eyes and snow white hair shimmered in the sunlight from the open window. After the door was shut Zak began to get dressed and think about his dream. Nothing came to mind as he walked into the door. A sigh left his lips walking down stairs. "Happy birthday champ I gotta work today but tomorrow we are going out for dinner."
"Alright uncle Luke see ya later." The door shut and the woman just smiled at him. She handed him a glass of juice and his breakfast. ZAk sat quietly and ate. After he cleared his plate and looked up and saw someone outside. It was a dark shadow. But before he could react his aunt began talking to him. "Zak honey? I'm heading out too. I have a full list of errands to run in town. I'm sorry we can't all sit around with you."
"Its ok Aunt Sona. I'm fine. After the game last night I just want to relax anyway." She smiled at him and kissed his forehead. After she left Zak jumped up and ran out the back door to have an extra look around. Nothing was there. The door bell rang and it made him jump. When he heard the door click open is when he panicked. All he saw was a figure walk by and up to his room. Zak's eyes were enlarged as he was trying to figure out what to do. He followed the figure quietly and into his room. Zak gulped and leapt onto the figure as they landed on the bed. They struggled for a moment until he was on the floor with someone on top of him laughing.