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A vampire orphan has lived in a large castle for all of her life, her nights consisted of walking down halls with large looming paintings of two people. Everyone that knew them called them her parents but she just knew them as two strange faces, as she grew older she threw parties with other vamps but none ever caught her intrest, and she never caught there's, she wasn't as cruel as other vampires and for the most part was an outcast.
One night a vampire brought in a human which was rather new, the orphan girl over heard that the human was actually a slave he bought. She wasn't the kind to buy slaves but that was how her parents met, she decided to at least check it out. The next day she went out to the town and found the shop, she seen many creatures along with humans. She heard a loud bang and a few guards ran by her, she followed them to find two males getting pulled apart. The owner of the shop walked over and looked at them both, then told the guard to just kill the trouble makers.
The girl was shocked and called out, "Wait!" Many of the people in the area turned to her, she walked to the owner and spoke with him and when she was finished he agreed. "They are both yours miss"

This is where the story would begin, I'm the vampire girl, I need someone to play both of the slaves, you can have them any race you wish, pictures would be wonderful.