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Crystal was a high angel, she had learned to protect humans and never hated them, she found them to be wonderful. They thought of fun and love, she hoped love would come to her, but it wasn't what she was given. She went to earth one time she met a man, he seemed to like her but she didn't get the chance to get to know him before she was taken back to heaven. He promised he would met her again but she didn't know if she liked him or not. Days later she was told that Lucifer had come to heaven to make a treaty with heaven, he promised not to claim any souls for a hundred years in exchange for one thing, her. She was confused why he would pick her, as she was taken to Lucifer she seen him for the second time, he was the man she had met on earth, but now in a different form. She was scared, not knowing much about the man and because of all she heard about him from the other angels, but wanting to protect the humans she went with him. She went to hell to be with the devil.