User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Luna was the runt of her litter, her pack had a law that once the runt was old enough to walk they would cast out the runt to fend for themselves. After she was cast out she wandered the forest that surrounded the mountians her ex-pack called home. After a while she came across a village and started to go to it, hoping to at least find food when an arrow nearly hit her and stopped her in her tracks. She turned to see an older hunter with and bow aimed at her, he seen she looked like a young girl but seeing her tail and ears he knew she was demon. After she told him her story he smiled and pet her head, him and his wife never had a child and now were to old to have one, he decided to take her in. Luna found a new home.
She loved her human parents very much, worrying for her "father" when he would go out and protect the village, he was a hunter but his main task for the village was to protect everyone from unfriendly demons. Luna grew like human children but the village feared her because of her wild background, she knew she was wolf but she tried her best to be like other humans. After a while Luna decided to go with her father on a hunting trip, she just didn't tell him that. She snuck behind him until late into the night, then the old hunter stopped and turned, looking strait at Luna with a smile he gestured for her to come to his side, ever since she walked with him on his hunting trips.
She never left her father's side during the trips and soon she became very valuable, she could hear and smell demons from farther than the hunter ever could and she found it easier to tell which demons would harm the village and which were just passing thru, the village had never been safer. Though none of the villagers trusted her any more than when she first came to the village, as she grew older people seemed to still see her as a demon and nothing more.
Her father grew depressed as his wife passed when Luna was still young, it was a long time coming but it was still sad. Luna mourned with her father and was very well behaved trying to cheer him up but he was never as happy anymore. Soon his depression got to him and he passed too, leaving Luna alone in the world again, still just a teen, nearly an adult.
Now she sits on the front deck of the home she was raised in waiting for the next hunter which was to be the next guardian for the village. Her father had sent for him before he died with a letter asking him to take care of the girl that was the closest thing to a daughter he ever had. Luna knew a man was to meet her but she didn't know much else, she just was told that she would now help the new hunter protect the village.