4th period bell rings.
Heading to class, i see that Kevin and I are the only ones that were in the editing suite. Everybody else was busy shooting or editing their own videos.
I saw him sitting alone on his computer.
"Hey! Come sit beside me" I bluntly said
He looked surprised.. Maybe because I turned him down a few times
"You actually want me to sit beside you?"
Well duh.. I thought to myself. We're the only ones in the editing suite.
Relaxing on my chair, waiting for the computer to log me on. I felt a warm touch.
It was his hand gripping onto mine. My eyes widened in shock because of his touch. I felt so flustered.
I turned to face him.
"What are you doing?"
"Please.. Hold my hand, I'm so sad."
I immediately said no and whipped my hand back
He let out a big sigh..
"Dont be sad." And i look away
He explained to me that his relationship with his girlfriend was broken. It had lasted for 3 years.
Again and again he repeated.. "Hold my hand please."
He seemed so down and worn out from the pain he'd been through
I looked down and raised my hand towards his chest
He smiled and thanked me
So we held hands under the table
"Kiss me, I want to kiss you"
I tried ignoring him. I don't want to be used as a second person.
"Why wont you be my girlfriend"
"Why do you hate me..."

To myself. I wanted him to shutup. Im not someone who can heal your wound temporary. I only continuously reject you because I know you had a wonderful girlfriend. Dont try to replace someone who has been in your life for so many countless days. You're just in the wrong state of mind.