December 19 was the morning he asked me to prom
It was the last day of school before the winter break. Our teacher called it a free period, so I played hangman with my girl.. And so he wanted to join.
As he stepped up to play hangman, everybody stepped aside and pulled out their devices, recording both of us
His word had 4 letters.
As I guessed, I realized thelast 2 letters.. _ _ o m?
"Prom?" I asked
and our classmates sighed in relief that it took me so long to guess.
I was deeply and emotionally shaken.. sure.. maybe? i dont know... & then i finally said yes.
Never had I imagined being asked to prom.. and never had I known that it would be somebody that I disliked in my freshman year.
Then he told me.. that he finally got the girl he waited for 4 years to approach to.

He is not perfect, neither am I

He is someone who'll be there if I need a shoulder
He is someone who'll come and go
I have no doubt. But i wish it wouldn't come true
I had never really communicated to any guys, nor did I have the courage to approach them in a loving way.

But he is my first everything. Even if im not his first; its accepting the fact that life isn't always going to be how you like it. The first thing you need to do is learn how to accept. Not to learn how to judge someone by their own appearance.

Still loving him since December 24 2013. A memory to keep and to forget in the future. I know there's no longing future for relationships in this generation now
But appreciate it now than later.