On New Years Eve of 2013
Never had I gone out with my friends on this special day
He was the first to bring me out and take me to places which I was somewhat familiar with.
We went to the most boring mall ever, but somehow spent longing hours walking, talking and even cuddling. When time kept passing by, I realized how much time spent in this gloomy mall. Then he told me that it doesnt matter where we go as long as we have each other.
The next place we both suggested was to watch a movie. And so we bussed down to the theatre. Boy was the movie hilarious.
Watching the movie was good, but having his arm wrapped around me was the best.
In the dark, he held me so tight and gently blew in my ear.. i love you
I tickled him in the dark
He gave me a massage for my shoulders and back
I held his hand tight
He tapped his cheek demanding for a kiss
I shook my head
... We both ended up leaving the auditorium without knowing what happened
Next stop, we bussed down to highway 7 to eat dinner at Times Square.
around 5-6, he kept asking for a kiss...
To be Continued... (im tired)

EDIT//March 30
And so we stood outside in the cold for a long time until he got his kiss on the cheek
I finally gave in and gave a peck on his cheek. Our faces were practically frozen, so he couldn't feel the peck. I kissed him twice but demanded for another one. then the third time wasn't good enough because now he wanted a kiss on the lips
New years eve. It took me long enough to muster up and kiss him directly. Of course I pulled away immediately
I could honestly say, I loved his wet lips against mine. It was the best feeling of his warmth.
& that was basically our night.