Name: Tangi Menguy
Species: Grim, Church Grim, Hellhound, Black Dog
Age: fairly old, dating sometime shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire

Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Her color is on the pale end of what is human, but could still pass as human.
Build: When she designed her human form, she did it by looking at what the humans considered beautiful with her own tastes in mind. The result was a tall female made nearly of pure muscle. The result was a lack of the curves so sought after. She has long limbs, and along with a long face and smooth jawline. She has high cheekbones with a longer nose that fades into thin eyebrows.
Height: 5’11
Weight: 147lbs
Hair Type: Her hair is actually rather short for a female. It falls in a shaggy mess around her face, just brushing her shoulders. The actual texture, while looking incredible soft, is actually rather rough, similar to the coat of a dog or wolf.
Hair Color: Her hair is jet black without a single hair otherwise.
Eye Color: Her eyes are faintly almond shaped with double eyelids and curving corners. The actual color is a light blue grey. She most often wears just a little bit of makeup, including black eyeliner and depending on her mood just a little bit of eye shadow.
Distinguishing Features: Her canine teeth are faintly pointed and she leaves no trace when she passes. No footprints, no scent, nothing, passing through like a ghost although we assure you, she is very solid.
Jewelry: N/A
Wardrobe: Her wardrobe is somewhat simple, including jeans, a black button up shirt, black boots, and a black a leather trench coat.

True Appearance:
Gender: Unknown
Build: Her form is some form of canine between a wolf and a dog with a thick shaggy mane and long tail.
Height: 6’2 at the shoulder
Weight: 1042lbs
Fur Type: Her fur is thick and shaggy, soft looking but surprisingly rough.
Fur Color: Every hair is black, as are her nails.
Eye Color: Her eyes are pure red, with no white or black, just glowing red.
Distinguishing Features: Fog curls around her feet at all times. She is capable of controlling it, making it thicker or thinner.

Usual: She is a random shot even at the best of times. She acts insane, laughing, constantly moving and teleporting. She enjoys playing with personal space, constantly moving in and out of it. When actually serious she will settle down and as it turns out is not as insane as she first appears to be. She plans everything and prefers to leave as little as possible unknown.
Center: Grief
Power: She gains her power from sorrow, grief, and lamenting
In Love: It is unknown if she was ever in love. With her understanding of the ins and outs of the different types of love, it is assumed that at one time she did. She does have a soft spot for grieving children, specifically orphans. She is known to walk them home from graveyards or shelter them in the rain.
Likes: She enjoys the rain, and the night. She also greatly enjoys church bells, and now that it is no longer her weakness, she enjoys music.
Dislikes: The way that humans destroy everything in their path bothers her to no end, and she has a special type of fury for those who bully others or force them to do things.
Fears: As she enjoys pointing out to Pitch, she doesn’t really have any fears. After all what is there to fear when you are already dead, and know the outcome.
Quirks: She will actually protect orphans, especially people who were recently orphaned as they grieve. She also enjoys mind games.
Complexes: She doesn’t exactly have a power complex, since she will run away far more often than actually face someone but she can be rather arrogant when she believes that the odds are in her favor.

Type Close range powerhouse
Strength: She has four areas of strength, her speed, her strength, her agility, and her breed. Her speed is rival to the wind, her strength enough to tear apart steel, and her agility enough to turn even her massive form on a dime. Her breed also gives her advantages, since she is technically already dead, and there are any number of stories about Grims without heads. (As it turns out, cutting off her head doesn’t do a lot, other than make her laugh.)
Weakness: She is only close range, and while fast from long range it can be hard to counter. She is also far better at dealing with one, maybe two opponents at a time. During the height of the black plague she was put to sleep with music and has slept until now although it appears that this method no longer works, or requires a certain type of song.
Weapons: She will not enter a fight unless she has the advantage, be it with a weapon or in her true form, however beyond the fangs and claws of her true form, she does not have any steady weapon. She has no idea how to use a rifle, bow, or much of anything that requires aiming, but does at least know how to use a sword, a staff, and a scythe well enough to be able to defend herself with one. With a handgun, she is a natural born shooter, someone who can point and shoot and hit every time.
Abilities: She has quite a few abilities, including the ability to lose her head and survive. Physical damage will slow her down, but it is impossible to permanently kill something that is already dead. She can be dismissed from the realm by either magic or a direct wound to the heart but will eventually return.
Some of her lesser abilities include some shape shifting which is how she even takes on a human form. She is also noted to be able to turn into fog, and into a large black horse with fury eyes. She can also teleport short distances, less than 20 feet, just enough for effect. The fog that curls around her feet she is able to control and expand, rumor is that she can engulf an entire town, although she might be able to summon it instead.

Then of course there is the disease that she spreads. She spreads it through touch, often appearing in the form of a normal sized dog and allowing children to pet her. It seems to be by choice; since she often holds the hand of the children she guides home and will allow them to cry into her fur.

Perhaps the most unusual ability she has, is that she herself chooses to be seen or invisible. It has nothing to do with how many people believe in her although most of the time she does choose to be unseen.
     Harbinger of Death – it is said that when one hears the howl of a grim it is a warning that someone will die soon. Should someone see the grim, they will be the ones to die (although once again this seems to be optional as those she comforts in the graveyards or guides home see her grim form)
     Fog – she is able to summon enough fog to cover a small town, moving about it freely. This fog is thick and stays low to the ground, much like the fog so often thought of in graveyards.
     Disease – should she choose those she touches or who touch her will catch whatever disease she is spreading, the waiting period delayed by a few hours so as to not bring as much suspicion on herself.

Occupation: Harbinger of death, spreader of plague and disease…that pretty much sums it up
Items: She doesn’t really have any personal items that she lets others know about, assuming she has one at all.
Other: She doesn’t really have a place to stay in the real world. Instead she sleeping in a sort of in between that includes a rolling graveyard covered in fog, and a half ruined church with bells that toll every time someone dies.

Originally she was a simple black dog. She was born in an average size litter to an average farmer and his wife. Her only misfortune was that she was pure black in a town building a new church. Following the traditions of the age, a black dog was selected to act as the protector of the new church and its graveyard.
She rise to fill the role, only to instantly be thrown into chaos. Her instincts told her to protect against any harm, but the church was already corrupt. The pastor would preach one thing, and then turn around and break every word he read from his book. The newly formed church grim couldn’t understand what she was supposed to be doing, and eventually turned to scaring everyone off the church grounds. The pastor, seeing this decided to use the grim for his own gain, and started threatening people with the ghostly beast.
The fear and corruption continued to build for years, until it reached a breaking point. The church was burned to the ground and the pastor dragged to the center of the town. There he was burned as well, screaming for the grim who only sat ringing the bell tower as it crumbled.
The town did not rebuild the church. In fact they left the area completely alone after erecting a fence around it. The grim stayed as well, now even more unsure of what to do. The church that she was supposed to protect was gone, the people she was supposed to protect feared and hated her, and her only company was the dead. The grim stayed like that, the towns folk whispering of the massive black dog they would catch only glimpses of.
Soon it became a talk of the town, and started to attract visitors. People would form into groups and tramp through the graveyard in search of the beast. Upset at the intrusion upon the dead, she would react accordingly, chasing the foolish humans from her home. Those who were not fast enough joined the ranks of the buried, often with her digging and filling in the graves herself.
Naturally with the humans dislike of fear and danger, they summoned someone who could cleanse the area of the beast. By the time the man got there however, the grim was gone.
One of the powerful being who stands watch had come. It had offered the grim a chance at a meaningful existence although not one that would be thanked. The grim accepted and was given the gift of disease.
Shortly after came the plagues of the dark ages, with her howling her warning before each outbreak. Again she heard the church bells being rung, a sign of her success and a new kind of power filled her. Pitch stood high next to her, sweeping in with his fear. Together, along with others they pushed the humans again and again, until the humans and their protectors pushed back.
She was among the first to go, with a human singing her into an enchanted sleep. That stopped any new plague from forming, the weakening of the foundation. With the rise of the guardians, the rest quickly crumbled.
Unaware of any of this, she slept on peacefully, at least until a human stumbled into her graveyard. A man without fear and with nothing to lose woke her, baring a message from the one who had saved her. It was time to curb the humans again.