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He Bai smirked as he stepped into the ring. This vampire wasn't even capable of putting on a proper fight. That it was taking place in a warehouse wasn't his issue. Warehouses were large and while expensive not generally looked at by the public. This one however, had not been reinforced or sound proofed. In a city that never slept, someone would notice if two high powered vampires got into a fight. He Bai shook his head again, letting his gaze drop to the stands. Clearly this vampire had never seen two ancients fight. The area marked out for the arena was nearly half the size he was used to, the stands set up well within range of being hit. The vampire breathed out, letting a faint smirk appear. That would be the loss of the other.

Speaking of the other, he was late. He Bai glanced up, considering the clock. Nearly 10 minutes late. Too much later and it would be considered a forfeit by the council, although he doubted that the man would be as agreeable. Unless he had realized he was against the real Count.

The doors behind him rattled, He Bai turning to look. The vampire lord was dressed in a style that befitted hollywood. A full flock of groupies, many of them fledglings and all dressed elegantly in black suits and dresses. He was half surprised that they hadn't gone with capes too. Scratch that...the lord had a cape. He Bai let his breath out slowly. He was dressed in nice soft pants that would let him move easily, nice flat boots, and a black jacket over a blue undershirt. Hearing the attendants starting to take their seats he opened his eyes. The lord stood on the other side of the arena, smirking. "Ready to die?"

He Bai rolled one shoulder in a shrug, stepping across the line and into the ring. "I have been ready to die since I was turned. Weapons choice open physical." Whatever physical weapon they could pull with their own power into the ring. No elements. The lord threw back his head, laughing with fangs fully exposed.

"Are you stupid?" His head dropped, grinning. "Do you even know who your fighting?" Ah, so that was why this vampire could pass as the count at all. The walking stick materialized in his hand, turning in a move that showed he actually knew how to use it.

He Bai smiled, showing still very human teeth. "I have an idea." Going through the proper starting ritual, they stepped to the center circle. He turned, settling into a loose stance. Right forward defensive, his feet a little too close to be conventional. The man laughed, starting to circle. The other laughed, starting to circle with the staff moving in slow circles around him.

When he lunged, He Bai moved. A small motion, his arm coming down against the tip of the staff, turning it to the side even as his feet moved. The right slid around the left, flowing into spin that took the man's feet from under him. Not bothering to move back, He Bai tilted his head. "They say the Count is over 100 years old." He leaned forward slightly, smiling. "But you haven't been in enough fights to know better than a straight lunge?" He Bai stepped back, settling into his stance once again as the lord flipped to his feet. He was lucky He Bai was playing around. They had never called a time in the fight, yet the man was confident enough to leave the stick on the ground. He rolled it up onto his foot and then kicked up into his hand. A single spin around him and he started to circle again.

This time he timed it a little better. Striking as He Bai's weight shifted, a sweep high. He Bai rocked back, his body bending backwards, just as the lower sweep hit. He hit full on his back, hands already spinning even as the bo staff appeared. The stab meant for his heart rocked to the side as he spun back standing. The lord was backing off quickly, the two predators starting to circle. He Bai smirked, his fangs just visible. "Congratulations. You made me summon the staff." He had planned on playing with the boy a little longer bare handed. Oh well. He would still get the satisfaction of when this false 'Count' figured out exactly who he was against.

It might even be soon. The vampire was biting his lip as he circled, not quite as confident now. Being able to summon a weapon from nothing was not exactly a common ability. The staffs met in a crack of wood on wood as he lunged. Circling, the sound echoing again and again as the dealt and caught each other's blows. The lord leapt back as He Bai spun, planning to sweep his legs this time. The vampire smirked, coming straight up into a kick as the man closed again. He thought He Bai would pull the blow? The staff had disappeared at some point, the man outright catching He Bai's foot. The older twisted, pivoting around to plant his other heel into the man's jaw. He went down, He Bai stumbling on the landing. It offered the lord enough time to get back to his feet. This time as they circled the lord's attitude was more cautious, a thin line of blood showing on his lip although the wound would have been healed by now.

The crack of leather sheathed metal against the staff seemed to echo, the lord's eyes wide as he still moved with the power of the blow. He Bai just smirked, bringing his leg back as they started to circle. Were he human he would probably have a nice bruise, although the steel guard on his leg had kept any true damage from happening. The lord's reaction time was fast, jerking to meet the blow each time He Bai feinted.