In this blog post, I present you the steps needed to write an iPhone and iOS apps development project. For iPhone Application Development Phoenix , primarily you will need a Mac iOS and Xcode IDE. Using the below mentioned steps you can build a "Hello World" Program.

1. First open Xcode and click on 'Creat a new Xcode project' given on the left side. You will be prompted to select an application.
2. Go for 'Empty application.'
3. You will now view a pop up that prompts you to enter the Project Name along with other details. For the Device Family option, you should select iPhone.
4. After setting project location, click Create option. Yes! You have created a project.
5. When you visit the Project property windows, you can see appdelegate files and other supporting files. Now the iPhone apps developer should create a screen/class with xib(user interface). On right click on the project folder, an option to select a new file appears.
6. Select Objective -C class and proceed by clicking on Next.
7. The default name for Class appears as ‘homescreen.’ You can rename the class to whatever you wish to.
8. You will now be prompted to select a location to create file. Keep the default location as it is and click on Create option.
9. You have successfully created a Home screen.
10. Opening the homescreen.h file you can create a UIButtonField with its onclick function programmatically using the following code.

@interface homescreen : UIViewController
IBOutlet UIButton *btn_hello;

@property(nonatomic, retain)IBOutlet UIButton *btn_hello;


13. You should now synthesize your button field present at the top and add an alert box in the button click after opening homescreen.m file.
In my next blog post, I will give you further steps to complete the project.