Mobile apps development has reached new heights and seen a lot of developments in the last few years. Mobile apps developers Long Beach are utilizing the tools and technologies present in the SDK to the optimum to give out quality and innovative apps. During the year 2013, the number of desktops and PCs will be left behind by the increasing number of smart phones and tablets in use. A report from appcelerator says that in 2013 every smart device user will also own a tablet and those who will not have a tablet will at least have a smart enabled device.

As per the report, Mobile app developer remain interested in the most famous platforms iOS and Android. However, even with the introduction of new products during the last quarter of the year 2012, this trend has remained unchanged. Also devices including iPod mini, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy S III, and iPhone 5 got hit in the market. According to this report, it changed only three percentage points in comparison to the previous year.

Android apps developers have got accustomed in dealing with fragmentation whereas same is not the case with iOS developers. However, as per the appcelerators report, the iOS community may have to handle some fragmentation issues that may result with the new devices such as iPad mini iPhone 5. The issues result due to difference in screen resolutions and dock connector standards.

However, there is also hope for heavy fragmentation on Android tablet. The report also predicts an interesting introduction of Google's Nexus tablets. More than 53.8 percent developers are much interested in developing apps for these smart gadgets. They believe that Nexus is the right move for Google for solving some fragmentation issues of Android and inconsistent performance of the device.